Crossword Puzzle: Summer Issue

Crossword Puzzle: Summer Issue

Avery Mojica, Writer

August 14, 2013

Summer Issue 2013 Solution   Across 1. Summer Holiday 9. ___ we there yet? 10. Split evenly 11. Singer Lady ____ 13. 5 x 2 14. One who eats a lot 16. Our state’s abbreviation 17. June 23, 2013 had a special one 18. A Kansas college town 22. A group of mountains 24. Type of rally 27. Stockholm’s...

“The Heist” – Macklemore

LJ Riehl, Writer

December 10, 2012

Ben Haggerty, better known by his stage name Macklemore snaps into the leader boards with his new album The Heist featuring Ryan Louis. This duo has combined to make an extremely influential new album bringing together dope beats and meaningful lyrics. This album fully encompasses who Macklemore is. I...

Frank Ocean, Channel Orange: Best Album of the Year

Cara Brashears, Writer

November 26, 2012

Frank Ocean, Channel Orange. Needless to say, I’m obsessed. This R&B lyrical mastermind has created an album from a variety of inspirations—funk, slow-tempo hip-hop, electro, and dubstep-inspired beats are all found within the compilation. You can’t help but tap your fingers or bob your...

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