Review: “Noises Off”

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Review: “Noises Off”

Zac Johnson, Entertainment Editor

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The curtain was raised and the first of two casts of “Noises Off” went on. Hailed as a comedy it definitely lived up to expectations and was funny throughout.

The premise is a little confusing at first because “Noises Off” is literally a play within a play, I guess you could call it ‘playception.’ OK, I’m not funny, I know that, but this play seriously was, it revolves around a director trying his best to keep his cast of misfit actors together despite fraying relationships and subpar mental fortitudes.

Lloyd Dallas, the director and played on opening night by junior Jackson Muccino, was very animated throughout and did a great job keeping the cast entertained with frantic arm movements and bitter words to his cast. He first starts behind the audience as we watch some of his cast try desperately to get their lines right, without success of course, and Lloyd gradually makes his way up to the stage to yell at his cast in person. It was a really cool dynamic to all of a sudden see him in the corner of your eye walking down from behind you after you’ve been hearing him berate the cast for a few minutes already.

The rest of the cast was also very funny and seemed aptly selected for their roles. As mentioned, the whole cast was very funny but Frederick, played by Nate Kochuyt, was definitely the most memorable, for me. Frederick would supposedly get nosebleeds whenever he saw violence, someone getting hurt or even when he heard the word blood. So he ended up having quite a few nosebleeds, and every time he had one, Frederick would run off stage and yell, “I’m so sorry!”

My only complaint with the play is that occasionally it was difficult to discern what was being said, and I think I probably missed a joke here or there for this reason. It really wasn’t a big deal as the actors’ actions generally clued the audience in as to what is going on.

I highly recommend going to see “Noises Off” tonight in its last performance with the second cast. It was very funny and the cast did a terrific job. Be sure to catch it tonight if you would like to see it before it leaves BVNW.

*Disclaimer: I attended the play on opening night, the play is double cast meaning there are two separate casts. This review is based off the cast that is performing again on April 24, not the cast that will be appearing on April 23 and 25. I assume the cast appearing on April 23 and 25 will also do a fantastic job with the play and would encourage anyone to go on any of the days it is being performed.