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Don’t make your bed, listen to “GUTS” instead

Writer Lindsay Maresh rates each song on Olivia Rodrigo’s sophomore album, “GUTS”
Jeny Jithesh
A digital illustration of stickers promoting Olivia Rodrigo’s newest album, “GUTS.”

“all-american b*tch” – 9/10

This song explores the complicated emotions Rodrigo feels while attempting to be the “perfect American girl.” Her lyrics describe the pressure to be grateful all the time, even when she feels dissatisfied or angry. Furthermore, she describes many of the external expectations society has for women in America in a sarcastic manner. In addition to the complex theme, the instrumentals and overall tune are different from Rodrigo’s other songs. It starts with a banjo in the background to fit the “all-American” aspect of the track. The tune is simple and reminds you of an older, classic song, but then resembles ‘90s indie-rock during the chorus. The track continuously intensifies toward the end of the song before returning to the simple, classic tone at the very end. Overall, this song is very well composed. However, if you are looking for a song that reminds you of Rodrigo’s debut album, “SOUR,” this is not the song for you.


“bad idea right?” – 8/10

Rodrigo released this track prior to Sept. 8 as a single. At first listen, I would have rated this song much lower. However, after re-listening, it consists of many interesting elements and a catchy tune. This track’s lyrics explain the feeling of knowing you are making a bad decision but ignoring the warnings and going through with it regardless. The music video depicts this theme as Rodrigo faces many challenges on her way to reconnect with a past boyfriend. This song is relatable to anyone who will occasionally listen to their heart and not their thoughts. In addition to the relatability factor, the instrumentals are fun, upbeat, and sound like a song from the ‘80s. Her entire album resembles music from the ‘80s and this song is a perfect example. The vocals are slightly fuzzy which adds to the retro feel of the song. Overall, once you get into it, this song is very fun and fast-paced.


“vampire” – 10/10

This track is deeply emotional and extremely catchy. It is a beautiful song from the first listen. Rodrigo explains a relationship in which she felt used and belittled. Her vocals are full of anger and show just how painful such situations can be. Her comparison of the individual to a vampire is unique and explains the feeling perfectly through lines such as: “you sunk your teeth into me” or “bleeding me dry.” These lyrics explain how draining a relationship similar to the one she describes can feel. The instrumentals consist of simple piano backing which allows her vocals to stand out and be the main focus. This song, while not the most similar, is more similar to “SOUR” than most others on “GUTS” and showcases Rodrigo’s classic style. Overall, this song is perfect for those who enjoy Rodrigo’s typical emotional sound.


“lacy” – 8/10

Upon first listen, “lacy” appears to have a simple meaning. Rodrigo’s lyrics explain a feeling of jealousy toward a beautiful woman named Lacy. However, Rodrigo’s fans are theorizing about who Lacy represents as well as what message Rodrigo is actually trying to portray. The mystery of this song draws in the listener and allows different perspectives to be formed. Additionally, the lyrics provide interesting imagery regarding Lacy’s appearance and overall create a relatable track due to ideas of jealousy and comparison. The instrumentals and tune of the song are simpler and more melancholy than the rest of the album and create a similar feeling to “hope ur ok” from “SOUR.”


“ballad of a homeschooled girl” – 10/10

This track describes a feeling of being awkward and making poor social decisions. This feeling of insecurity or uncertainty is relatable to many people, including, as implied by the title, those who are or were homeschooled. Every line in the song depicts embarrassment in different ways, which intensifies as the song progresses. This song is fast-paced and has a grungy, rock sound. It also follows the ‘80s allusion represented throughout “GUTS” with an overall retro sound. The bridge is catchy and has an interesting rhythm that pulls in the listener until the end. This track is for anyone who wants a relatable and upbeat song.


“making the bed” – 10/10

This song is emotional and describes Rodrigo reflecting on her own actions. Her lyrics describe how it is easy to blame other people, hence the verse: “I’m playin’ the victim so well in my head.” However, this song describes Rodrigo accepting she may have caused some of her own hardships as well. The message is very meaningful and real and has the potential to induce self-reflection. In addition to the impactful theme, the vocals and tune of this song are emotional and sad. Overall, “making the bed” is perfect for when you want an emotional and relatable song.


“logical” – 8/10

“logical” is the song most similar to tracks from “SOUR.” If you want a classic Olivia Rodrigo song, this is the one for you. This track describes how love can make someone lose their sense of reasoning and have false hope. The lyrics show the contrast between knowing someone hurt you but still thinking “changing you is possible.” Additionally, the bridge explains the feeling that loving the wrong person comes with a lot of extra baggage. Furthermore, the vocals and instrumentals are similar to that of Rodrigo’s previous music with a simple backing and bold voice. It is sad and drawn out to portray how difficult the described scenario is. It is perfect for those looking for a classic, heartbreaking love song.


“get him back!” – 10/10

This track is perfect to sing in the car, with friends, or really at any occasion. It is fun, upbeat and fast-paced while also feeling like a song from the ‘80s similar to the rest of “GUTS.” The lyrics are a play on words by having “get him back” means both get revenge and also, literally, get the guy back. This describes a common feeling of wanting to get back at someone while also just wanting to have them back. The instrumentals are fun and retro and the rhythm is quick and lively. This song is unlike most of Rodrigo’s other music and adds great variety to “GUTS.”


“love is embarrassing” – 10/10

This track is yet another relatable song about love and complicated relationships. Rodrigo’s lyrics describe the embarrassing things you do when you love someone such as waiting by your phone or consoling them while they cry over an ex-girlfriend. Then, her lyrics describe that despite these things, it is easy to keep going back to that person. This theme is something many people have experienced at some point in their lives, making it a relatively universal song. Despite the contemplative lyrics, the rhythm and instrumentals are fast and upbeat making it a fun and lively song. Additionally, it follows the retro and 80s feel of the rest of the album.


“the grudge” – 10/10

This track is what comes to mind when you think of Rodrigo’s classic music. It is emotional and heartbreaking as Rodrigo describes how it feels to be hurt by someone you have “undying love” for. She emphasizes the idea that it takes strength to forgive, which is difficult when you do not feel strong. This message could help listeners feel less alone in a similar situation. The tone and vocals are sad and represent the pain Rodrigo feels regarding the situation. It is a slow-paced yet beautiful song that is a great portrayal of Rodrigo’s classic music.


“pretty isn’t pretty” – 9/10

“pretty isn’t pretty” describes a very common experience among many people: not feeling pretty enough. Rodrigo’s lyrics describe trying to cover up with makeup and still feeling insecure no matter what. Her lyrics are incredibly relatable and help to put a common feeling into words. The song is catchy yet still emotional and the vocals show how upsetting this emotion can be. Overall, this is the perfect, relatable song and will hopefully make listeners feel less alone in their experiences.


“teenage dream” – 10/10

This track is one of the most heart-rending songs on the album. Rodrigo’s lyrics encapsulate the common teenage experience and how it is more difficult than people realize. The chorus explains the feeling of worry that the best times are behind you despite everyone saying you have “got your whole life ahead of you.” Overall, the theme of this song explains the doubt teenagers feel as they enter their adult lives. The vocals and instrumentals are sad and emotional and complete the message Rodrigo is trying to portray.


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