Volleyball continues winning streak

The BVNW girls varsity volleyball team defeated Blue Valley North and Gardner Edgerton in the EKL Tri.

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Volleyball continues winning streak

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The volleyball team hosted the EKL Tri tonight and defeated BVN and Gardner Edgerton. The team improved their record to 16-4,  and are currently ranked first in the state.

BVNW defeated Gardner Edgerton in the first set 25-21, and won again in the second set 25-13, adding two wins to their record.

“I thought the game went really well,” junior Rachel Chalupa said. “It could have gone a little bit better, though.”

BVNW defeated BVN in the first set 25-18, and won again in the second set 25-16, with a final result of 4 wins on the night.

“I think it went really well because we all played together,” senior Alison Crow said. “Everybody did their job really well, and so it all came together.”

Head coach Molly Haggerty said the team did extremely well blocking during the game. The team followed their game plan well, Haggerty said, and worked on the things they tried to do in prior matches. However, Haggerty said she believes there are a few things the team needs to work on to improve.

“I think we always need to work on getting back in the gym,” Haggerty said. “There’s always room for improvement in every aspect of the game.”

Overall, Haggerty said she is proud of her team’s performance tonight.

“I think going 2-0 on the night and just having all the girls be able to play and be a part of it and great communication and energy [was good],” Haggerty said. “It was a great night.”