Your new favorite song

One guy, his voice and a guitar have never sounded so incredible. Jarle Bernhoft’s “C’mon Talk” stole my heart and will capture yours.


Everyone has that one song. That one song that every time your iPod shuffles to that track, the corners of your mouth can’t help but creep upwards. That one song that has 100+ plays and zero skips. That one song that every lyric, every pitch change, every “Oooohh” and every background beat is ingrained into your memory, never stuttered or forgotten.

Have a song in mind?

I have a new one for you.

With each vocal twang, acoustic crescendo and beatboxed rhythm making my heart soar, “C’mon Talk” by Jarle Bernhoft is a piece that will get you singing by the end of the first chorus.

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To make it even more amazing, Bernhoft created this song solo. His YouTube video, with over three million views, shows how he records each segment, then plays it over and adds to it. Just one guy, his voice and his guitar. I’ve watched this video maybe 17 times and I still can’t get over how blown away I am by his unique sound and sheer talent.


The current stats on my iTunes show 121 plays and one skip on this track. Not really sure why I ever skipped it – maybe I was trying to sleep and didn’t want to get jazzed up before shutting my eyes? Who knows, but I guarantee the number of plays will only grow exponentially from here (slapping myself for using a math term that I swore to my Algebra teacher we would never use in real life).

Not only is the rhythm breathtaking, but the lyrics rock too. Bernhoft sings about communication, honesty and the bittersweet conversations that happen with those in mind. To top off my love, the singer shares the exact same appreciation I have for music and the amazement of how powerful a melody can be.

One of my main goals with my music and my shows is to get people to dance and let go and smile and be happy, but to also get them thinking at the same time.

— Jarle Bernhoft

“One of my main goals with my music and my shows is to get people to dance and let go and smile and be happy, but to also get them thinking at the same time,” Bernhoft said in an interview for his online biography. “You have all these different types of people coming together and being pulled in the same direction, and it’s just beautiful.”

Someone, please encompass all the reasons I treasure music into a better quote.

So it doesn’t matter whether you typically listen to pop, rap, country, alternative, jazz, opera, classical or Disney sing-along – I hope you listen to this song for the first time and get hooked. This is my go-to song, whether I’m doing homework, driving to work, hanging with friends or just in need of a break and a jam session. Roll the windows down and turn the volume up – I guarantee you’ll be smiling and moving your head to the beat within seconds.


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