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A digital illustration of stickers promoting Olivia Rodrigos newest album, GUTS.

Don’t make your bed, listen to “GUTS” instead

Lindsay Maresh, Writer September 10, 2023

“all-american b*tch” - 9/10 This song explores the complicated emotions Rodrigo feels while attempting to be the “perfect American girl.” Her lyrics describe the pressure to be grateful all...

Digital illustration of a promotional poster for the musical Six.

“Six” the musical brings amazing women back to life

Lizzie Lively, Opinions Editor April 3, 2023

I went to see “Six," the musical on March 1. As a preexisting fan and someone who has listened to the show’s soundtrack for a very long time, seeing the show live was almost surreal. It was fantastic;...

Digital illustration of a promotional photo used for the third season of TV series Outer Banks.

“Outer Banks” Season 3 drops the ball

Libby Addison, Writer March 11, 2023

In April 2020, Netflix series "Outer Banks," produced by brothers Josh and Jonas Pate, took over social media platforms as teens across the world fell in love with the series’ feel-good atmosphere and...

Digital illustration of a promotional poster for the film Creed III.

“Creed Ⅲ” proves there is no enemy like the past

Ashley Adams, Copy Editor March 7, 2023

Michael B. Jordan has once again proven the “Rocky” franchise will live on as a success with his new movie “Creed Ⅲ.” The new feature already stands at an impressive 87 percent on Rotten Tomatoes,...

Coming to Strang Hall in 2019, Fénix offers a variety of taco options. Pictured above, their Tres Tacos entree allows for mix-and-match options from the taco menu.

Looking back at KC Restaurant Week

Thomas Rose, Writer January 23, 2023

Every January, restaurants all over the Kansas City area participate in KC Restaurant Week. This yearly event seeks to highlight the unique culinary variety available in Kansas City, encouraging both visitors...

Digital illustration of a promotional poster for Avatar: The Way of Water.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” is a visual spectacle

Thomas Rose, Writer December 27, 2022

James Cameron’s 2009 film “Avatar” was hailed as a monumental film upon its release; it reinvigorated a stagnating film industry with its use of amazing visuals and stunning CGI, a new and rapidly...

Digital illustration of the Dawn of the Dead (2004) movie poster.

Top five zombie flicks for the Halloween season

Thomas Rose October 27, 2022

Halloween has always thrived on its characters. Without the lore of classic monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, and werewolves, the holiday would have never seen the same amount of success. Each fall,...


October 25, 2022

"Midnights" - 10/10 Overall, this album seems to be a return to her true self after the departure that “Folklore” and “Evermore” took, and each track brings its own fresh mature spin on her...


October 25, 2022

Mastermind - 10/10 “Mastermind” is a fitting name for the first track introduced in Swift’s TikTok “Midnight Mayhem With Me” series. Swift’s fans have often referred to her as a mastermind...

“Sweet Nothing”

October 25, 2022

Sweet Nothing - 8/10 Swift co-wrote this song with her boyfriend under his pseudonym, William Bowery. Swift and Alwyn also co-wrote several songs on her previous album, “Evermore,” and fans were...


October 25, 2022

Karma - 10/10 "Karma" has an unexpected sound. While most were expecting it to be darker and more “Reputation” esque, the track is more reminiscent of Swift’s seventh studio album, “Lover.”...


October 25, 2022

Labyrinth - 8/10 This track’s instrumentation and vocals bring back the dreaminess and wistfulness of “Snow On The Beach” with a similar theme. The track’s lyrics describe falling in love with...

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