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Drake worked like a dog on his latest album, “For All the Dogs”

Sports Design Editor Prajwal Adhikari rates each song on Drake’s latest album, “For All the Dogs.”
Prajwal Adhikari
Drake released his newest album, “For All the Dogs” on Oct. 6.

Virginia Beach – 8.5/10

Drake continues a tradition of consistently catchy intro tracks with “Virginia Beach”. While sampling an unreleased Frank Ocean song over a relaxing beat, the song is a perfect beginning to the album and provides solid expectations for what is to come. The melodic rapping allows for an enjoyable and almost emotional listen.


Amen (ft. Teezo Touchdown) – 8/10

This heavy-soul based song gives off a welcoming, chill vibe. Drake’s choppy rapping sandwiched between Teezo Touchdown’s catchy “Prayin’” chorus fits well with the song as a whole. The relaxing piano melody playing throughout the background sets this track apart from the rest of the songs on the album and allows for a more unique listen. It’s a nice break from the other bass driven tracks. 


Calling for You (ft. 21 Savage) – 5/10

After noticing that 21 Savage was featured on this song, I immediately expected it to be one of the best on the album. However, such expectations were extremely let down. The song drags out towards the middle with an unknown sample of a woman speaking about a strange experience. Throughout this, most listeners are anticipating 21 Savage’s features and become bored with the interlude. Many songs include samples of people speaking at the end, but rarely in the middle. This song was disappointing and one of Drake’s weaker songs.


Fear of Heights – 9/10

Oh. My. Beat switch. If you have a fear of heights, watch your step as Drake drops you right into an aggressive instrumental filled with hard-hitting 80s and distorted leads. The producers that make these effects happen never get enough credit for the high quality production of these songs. Drake’s rapping just makes you want to get out of your seat. This high energy, high tempo track exudes a sense of intensity and confidence that Drake conveys so well.


Daylight – 6/10

A few tracks on the album can be forgettable and don’t feature any elements that stand out from the rest – “Daylight” happens to be one of them. Drake’s line “Shot him in daylight” becomes repetitive and doesn’t sound special in any way. However, Drake’s five-year-old son Adonis features at the end of the track, which unironically may be the best part of the song.


First Person Shooter (ft. J. Cole) – 10/10

This song is very easily the best track of the whole album. The lethal combination of Drake and J. Cole always allows for the most enjoyable rap songs, as shown by “First Person Shooter”. J. Cole’s standout feature involves some of the most clever lines. In one bar, he refers to the popular meme of two Spider-Men pointing at each other, rapping, “The Spider-Man meme is me looking at Drake,” implying that both him and Drake are two of the best in the industry; this track proves it. 


IDGAF (ft. Yeat) – 10/10

With an unexpected duo of Drake and Yeat, “IDGAF ” puts itself towards the top of the album.

Contrast dominates this track—the vibey synth in the beginning of the song sharply contrasts Yeat’s sudden entrance. Yeat’s mumble styled rapping strongly differs from Drake’s lyrically focused rapping, allowing for a unique yet entertaining sound. Although Yeat has more rapping time on the song than Drake, this song is extremely enjoyable and definitely replayable.


7969 Santa – 4/10

Another skippable track, “7969 Santa” features Drake’s unenthusiastic styled rapping that simply is not enjoyable to listen to. With no variation of the flow or tone of voice, the song is plain and almost boring. A beat switch in the middle moves into an interlude of Teezo Touchdown singing and howling like a dog, creating an unpleasant listen.


Slime You Out (ft. SZA) – 10/10

Drake’s strong, smooth singing that everyone loves makes a return in “Slime You Out”. The combination of Drake and SZA makes for a vocal masterclass as their two styles fit together perfectly. This song is perfect for when you’re in your feels or just need something to listen to while relaxing.


Bahamas Promises – 6/10

The best part of this song is the exquisite piano accompanying Drake. The sounds of the dogs barking in the beginning of the track is a unique element, considering the theme of the album. Other than that, “Bahama’s Promises” is nothing special. No Drake lyric or delivery stands out and sounds too much like a filler song if anything.


Tried Our Best – 10/10

Drake’s voice fits extremely well with the background vocals and piano melody as he introduces new unique flows in “Trist Our Best”. He proves that he’s one of the best in the game lyrically with bars like “You think I’m Shakespeare, that’s why you always wanna play, right?” and “Message read like a brake light”. The vocal accompaniment adds the cherry on top. All together, this song is top tier.


Screw the World (Interlude) – 6/10

I thought this was a Drake album? This old-school styled interlude, where Drake is nowhere to be found, is somewhat difficult to understand with the delayed effects and distorted sound. The music is different from any other song, but not one I see myself coming back to very often.


Drew a Picasso – 10/10

This song may be one of the most relatable and thoughtful songs on the album. Drake pours his heart out and demonstrates his satisfying melodic rapping. He expresses his emotions thoroughly over a soft beat and creates an enjoyable listening experience. Most slow songs can be repetitive, but “Drew a Picasso” proves that Drake still has the creativity.


Members Only (ft. PartyNextDoor) – 8/10

Drake has mastered the slow, chill songs and continues to make tracks to listen to while in a more relaxing mood. PartyNextDoor’s feature blends well with Drake’s singing and with the synths in the background. However, some questionable and basic lyrics prevented the song from being even better than it was.


What Would Pluto Do – 10/10

If you’re a fan of Drake’s previous album “Her Loss”, this song is perfect for you. His style and flow in this track matches with songs like “BackOutsideBoyz” and “Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin”. These types of songs aren’t necessarily meant to be listened to for the lyrics or meaning, but rather serve as entertaining sounds for enjoyment.


All the Parties (ft. Chief Keef) – 9/10

Drake and Sosa prove to be a killer combo on this track. The song starts off strong with an upbeat feel as Drake raps about his recent successes. I especially love the Chief Keef chorus with the jazzy electronic piano chords underneath. However, the song takes an unexpected turn as the beat switches into a more laid-back vibe. It’s a very pleasant listening experience as Drake flows over the soothing instrumental for the latter half of the track.


8am in Charlotte – 10/10

In “8am in Charlotte”, Drake proves that he isn’t just a hit maker and demonstrates his strong rapping skills. Similar to songs like “Middle of the Ocean” and “Views” from his previous albums, this track involves complex and clever lines that allow listeners to listen deeply to the messages he tries to convey – nearly every bar is able to be analyzed. Many don’t consider Drake the most talented rapper, but songs like this only prove them wrong.


BBL Love (Interlude) – 7/10

Drake’s message in “BBL Love (Interlude)” is interesting but too unserious for me to be able to genuinely listen and enjoy. The instrumentals carry the track as Drake’s monochromatic tone monotonous voice lacks enthusiasm and becomes boring throughout listening.


Gently (ft. Bad Bunny) – 8/10

Who would have expected Drake to speak Spanish so effortlessly? Somehow this surprising Bad Bunny and Drake collaboration works extremely well together and makes a fun listen. Although it may be difficult to understand Drake singing in another language, similar to Justin Beiber in “Despacito”, he makes it sound well enough to be able to come back for more listens. 


Rich Baby Daddy (ft. Sexyy Red and SZA) – 3/10

With barely any real singing or rapping time for Drake, this may be the worst song on the album. The same phrase repeated by Sexxy Red is almost unbearable to listen to and does not work well with Drake or SZA’s parts at all. The vibes are all over the place and unpleasant. It’s unfortunate that one of SZA’s features was wasted on a song like this.


Another Late Night (ft. Lil Yachty) – 9/10

The production quality of the album is proven to be top tier by songs like “Another Late Night”. The beat becomes addicting after several listens. Lil Yachty’s voice was made perfectly for a Drake song like this, and the two have one of the better collaborations of the album.



Away From Home – 10/10

There’s something about the way Drake says “I remember” repeatedly that makes this song so alive. His flow is fresh, his rhyme scheme is satisfying, and he’s got bars after bars. These types of songs are my personal favorite; no risky samples or features, just classic Drake.


/Polar Opposites – 8/10

In “Polar Opposites”, Drake sings his heart out while reminiscing about a girl he was blocked by. This emotional, heartfelt song reminds of songs like “Marvin’s Room” and “Jungle” from previous albums. Although some lyrics sound basic at times, the track is a peaceful listen.

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Prajwal Adhikari, Sports Design Editor
Prajwal is a senior and Sports Design Editor for “The Express.” This is his second year on staff. Outside of newspaper, Prajwal is a clarinet section leader of the Howlin’ Husky Marching Band and plans to participate in various clubs throughout the year. Prajwal enjoys hanging out with friends, rooting for the Packers, and watching movies with family. He is excited to express his creativity as a designer and editor!

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