“Halloween Kills” Review

A new addition to the classic Michael Myers series, which compared to the other movies, was much worse. 

The movie starts exactly where the last movie leaves off, with the main characters thinking they had killed Michael and the house burning, with him trapped in the basement. Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) is heading to the hospital with her daughter and granddaughter. And they are met with a very unkillable Michael Meyers. They flash back and forth between all of the original “Halloween” movies, adding confusion.

The film then fast forwards to a bar later that night, where the survivors of Michael Meyers from the original 1978 movie have come together to celebrate their escape. However, they soon found out Michael is alive and stalking the town once again.

The “Halloween” series is famous for having well-known actors in all of the movies, so the it included severa, very popular actors. Despite this, their acting could have been better and almost seemed as if they were being too dramatic and took their roles to an extreme. 

The main character, Jamie Lee Curtis, appears in several of the “Halloween” installments as Laurie Strode, the main victim of Michal Myersin the past movies. She is riddled with PTSD after 40 years of past trauma from to Michael’s murder attempts. Curtis’s performance is one of the best in the movie, most likely due to  her presence on the set for so many years. She does a great job of showing the intensity and seriousness without coming off as too dramatic. 

On the other hand, Judy Greer, who portrayed Laurie’s daughter Karen, does a horrible job of acting and comes off as overly dramatic. She first appeared in the 2018 installment of the series. Greer made the films a bit over the top and contributed to their failures.  

“Halloween Kills” was aggressively gory, arguably more so than any other in the series. The plot was a bit of a mess, with multiple parties running around not knowing what the other was doing, all trying to accomplish the same goal. It was hard to follow at times, and in a series that prides itself on being hard to fathom, this goes to the next level. 

The film was campy and silly, with some jump scares and more blood than most would be in for. With the last movie hitting an absolute homerun in terms of horror movies, this one barely bunts out a single. My advice is to save the money and watch the film on Netflix in the spring.