Varsity football defeated by Bishop Miege

Playing their game that was rescheduled due to lightning on Thursday night, the Huskies lost to the Stags, 14-45.

The varsity football team lost to Bishop Miege HS, with a final score of 14-45, in their rescheduled game from Thursday’s cancellation due to lightning. What was originally planned to be a home game played at the DAC, the team played at Bishop Miege as the home team.

“We had great momentum and great drive at the beginning of the game,” senior Aiden Ellis said. “But we also started the first quarter with a ton of penalties. We just kept shooting ourselves in the foot.”

During the first half of the game, Bishop Miege set the tone of the night and scored the first touchdown of the night with four min. left in the first half. They kept their lead 11 min. into the second quarter, making the score 0-14.

While the ball was in the Huskies’ possession, the lights on the field unexpectedly shut off. According to head coach Mike Zegunis, the blackout was caused by a Bishop Miege staff member who accidentally flipped the wrong light switch. After almost 20 minutes of waiting in dark anticipation, the teams were able to take the field and continue the game.

Three seconds after continuing the game, junior Miles Alexander scored the first touchdown for the Huskies, bringing the score to 7-14.

“I guess I’m proud that I made a little contribution to our game tonight,” Alexander said. “But, I mean, I wish I could have done more. There’s always more that I could do better.”

Shortly following Alexander’s play, the Stags kicked a field goal and a third touchdown, leaving the score 14-24 by the end of the third quarter.

Senior Dante Starks raised the Huskies’ spirits as he started off the fourth quarter with another touchdown. But their regained momentum was lost asthe gap between the scores widened even further. During the last eight min. of the game, Bishop Miege scored three touchdowns and wrapped up the gamewith a final score of 14-45.

“The turnovers and the penalties killed us,” quarterback, senior Jacob Romminger said. “If we could have sharpened those skills and played better mentally, I think we could have easily won this game.”

With many mistakes made early in the game, Zegunis agreed that the multiple penalties cost the team the game.

“Whenever you get penalized and you move the ball back, it just makes the job a lot harder,” Zegunis said. “If we could eliminate some of those mistakes, we could be in a really great place.”

Although Alexander said he did not believe his contribution was that beneficial on the field, Zegunis said Alexander and the team as a whole played hard and executed good plays, despite their penalties.

“It’s easy to see that we have talent and there were a lot of bright spots in the game,” Zegunis said. “[Alexander] ran the ball really well and our offensive line showed that we can dominate and move the ball. They played hard, but it just unraveled there at the end. We need to stop hurting ourselves with penalties and clean up our game for next week.”