Stoked for Buzz Beach Ball

The upcoming concert from 96.5 The Buzz is the only thing on my mind. Is it Friday yet?


All right, trying to focus on school and work is actually impossible. All I can think about is Buzz Beach Ball.

The concert, put on by 96.5 The Buzz, features 14 bands at Berkley Riverfront Park this Friday (It’s not sold out yet! You can get a ticket here). Get ready for:

Little Green Cars
Coheed and Cambria
Cage the Elephant
Hanni El Khatib
Atlas Genius
Saints of Valory

You’re pumped already, right?

I’m most excited for MS MR and Alt-J – they both have songs with unique, powerful vocals on top of deep rhythms that deserve some serious listening. If you’re not familiar with them, MS MR’s Hurricane has been pretty popular on the radio, and Fitzpleasure and Breezeblocks have been top hits for Alt-J.

Little Green Cars and Atlas Genius will have a little more upbeat acoustics, with songs like Harper Lee and Trojans to get you going. Little Green Cars starts early at 3:30, though, so if you want to see them (which you definitely should), head to the park ASAP.

The show incorporates a few bands with a little more rock sound: Awolnation, Cage the Elephant, Wavves and Coheed and Cambria are a few. Awolnation is a must-see of mine, and I have a few favorite songs of Cage the Elephant and Wavves. After hearing previous comments about their performances live, though, I’m afraid some of might turn into a screaming match. As for Coheed and Cambria…I could pass. But, we all need a bathroom break, right?

Daughter better perform her cover of Get Lucky. Even though it’s not her original song, I think it’s so much better than Daft Punks, and I would love to hear it live.

Phoenix is the headliner for the show, and even though you won’t catch me listening to them as much as the others, their cheery album “Bankrupt!” will make an awesome final performance of the night.

Not only will the music be phenomenal, but the weather is looking awesome, too. Right now it’s supposed to be anywhere from 70-80 degrees throughout the night – can you say perfect?

I’ve heard a lot of people at BVNW talk about going, and I’m sure there are even more who I don’t know. That’s what I love most about music – it brings people together with connections in songs. This concert is going to bring in people of all ages from all different places in Kansas City, and for one night, we will all be there for the same reasons: To listen to our favorite bands, dance, and lose ourselves in the music.

I’m stoked.