Baseball defeated by Jaguars

After going 3-0 in their first games of the season, BVW hands the Husky baseball team their first loss.

Kathleen Lutz

Greyson Woerpel , Reporter

Despite a late in the game rally by the Huskies, the BVNW baseball team fell just short of continuing their win streak against BVW tonight, and lost 5-4.

At the top of the first inning the Huskies battle as the Jaguar’s leading pitcher, who has signed to a D1 school throws an array of balls and strikes. During the bottom of the first inning, Huskie’s pitcher sophomore Nick Melin walks multiple players.

At the bottom of the first, leading into the second inning the score is BVW with 1 and BVNW with 0.

To start off the third inning, Senior John Eckert is first at bat and takes a pitch to the shoulder. He advances to first. With two other players on base, senior Clayton Custer walks up to bat, hits a single and advances senior Sam Chadick to third. Chadick made the decision to stay at third even with third base and head coach Lang giving him the go to home base signal. After the umpire and Lang get into a heated discussion about the call of a play, designated hitter senior Alex Penner walks up to bat. Penner gets out by a pop up in left field.

With one out and one player on second, BVW’s hitter walks up to bat. The player hits a line drive to Eckert at third, who taps the third base automatically making the runner on second out and throws the ball to first before the running can make it. After the quick double play, there is three outs and the Huskies go in to the dug out.

At the bottom of the third inning, BVW still leads with a score of 4-1.

The top of the fourth inning consisted on three up and three down for the Huskies. Senior Chase Kitly, sophomoreJack Duke, and Junior Hudson Moses all walked up to the plate only to strike out.

Pener took of the pitching position at the bottom of the fourth inning. Luckily, he struck out the first two of BVW’s hitter and the third got out at first.

Another three up and three down for the Huskies at the top of the fifth inning. Sophomore Jack Knuston struck out. Eckert made contact with the ball however was out at first. Chadick hit the ball deep into right field into foul ball territory. However, the ball was caught making Chadick the third out of the top of the fifth inning.

Eckert said the main thing the team needs to work on is identifying good pitchers and working with them.

With one batter out and one batter on second, Penner gets ready to pitch to the third batter for the Jaguars. Penner notices the player on second taking a lead far too bigger than normal. Penner throws the ball to second and a pickle between second and third begin. The pickle was ended by Eckert at third. Three batters later, the Huskies get three outs.

At the end of the fifth inning BVW still leads 5-1.

Custer starts off the sixth inning, making it to first due to an error by pitcher. Senior Jackson Fuller also makes it on base due to an error by BVW. Penner, up to bat, hits the ball all the way to the fence in center field, sending two players in. A bunt towards third and an over throw to first from third, sends Penner who is at third home.

BVNW takes a time out and decides to change pitchers. The first two batters against the new pitcher, Knuston and Eckert get out by a strike out and a pop-up.

The Huskies played defense during the bottom of the sixth inning, allowing three jaguars up and striking each one out.
Eckert describes the Huskies defense as “on key” tonight. He said that the teams bats were there, they just got unlucky sometimes as he refers to the sixth inning that hit a pop up and got out.

The final inning of the game and there is two outs as Jackson Fuller makes it to first due to an error by BVW. Penner goes to the box and strikes out. Over all the head coach Lang thought the team competed extremely well today. He thinks the team did a good job at fighting back even though they were losing.

“This game will make us better because we are competing with good teams throughout the season,” Eckert said. “When states comes, we will be ready for anything that comes to us.”

The final score of the game is 5-4, BVW.

“We need to keep progressing with our hitters, young guys and our leaders and come together as a team,” Lang said. “We find ways to get better even in loses, make strides even in loses, and tonight we showed that we can fight no matter what.”