BVNW defeats Bonner Springs High School 3-0, on senior night

The girls varsity volleyball team defeated Bonner Springs High School 3-0, in their senior night game, keeping the Braves at only six points in the second set.


Kennedy Fenley

Senior girls varsity volleyball players and team managers were recognized on senior night, Oct. 13.

Harper Latta, Writer

Before the match, seniors Gabbie Troutner, Akayla Kador, Avery Ahlers and Alayna Pearson were recognized for the Huskies’ senior night, along with team managers Morgan Manza and Britton Stasiulis. After the game, head coach Molly Haggerty went on to say how much the seniors had made themselves and the team better throughout this season.

“Our seniors have been extremely tough and not afraid to be pushed out of their comfort zone. They know that the underclassmen trust them, and they’ve just done a great job of really getting the best out of their teammates,” Haggerty said.

Despite it being an emotional night, Kador said how above all else, the team wanted to win.

“We went [in] and focused and were mentally [and] physically prepared. We were very emotional, but when we got on the court the only thing we wanted to do was win,” Kador said.

With a 20-9 record this season, the Huskies added on to their winning record, defeating Bonner Springs High School with a three set sweep. The Huskies started off strong, winning the first set 25-14. BVNW proceeded to dominate, allowing the Braves only six points during the second set. Kador attributed the team’s domination to the team playing the game the way they know how.

“Even though it was a slower paced game, we took care of our side and we did what we knew how to do and swung when we needed to and found spots.”

Haggerty agreed, adding that the team’s serving helped to keep the game going in favor of the Huskies.

“[Our team] took care of their side of the net and we didn’t miss many serves. I thought we served tough [and] did a great job putting balls in play. And just swinging with some pace and tempo,” Haggerty said.

During the third set, the Huskies held the Braves to a four point lead throughout most of the set. Despite the score being closer than sets previous, the team ended up winning the final set 25-17, winning the match 3-0. 

As the playoffs near, the team is ready to take everything they learned each game and apply it according to Pearson. She believes they have a shot at making it all the way to State this year.

“Anybody at this level, anyone can win. Any given day. It depends on who wants to work harder that day. So I think it’s so much of a mental game. I think we’ve got the physical for sure,” Pearson said.

Haggerty reiterated this, adding how much the seniors on this team can do for this team in terms of winning and going all the way to State.

“This is a great team that is super gritty and just persists. They don’t lay down, they don’t give up, they fight and they have some great leadership from the seniors and then that trickles down,” Haggerty said. “We’re just going to make sure to keep running practices at a high tempo, setting expectations high and making sure they’re prepared for tough competition.”

Additionally, Haggerty said how much the leadership and personalities the seniors have brought to the team means, in a way even larger than winning State.

“These seniors are the glue that holds this team together. They are the calm in every storm. They are the ones that everybody looks to to make sure that they believe we can win, that they are supported. These kids want to go to battle for the seniors because the seniors do it for them,” Haggerty said. 

The girls varsity volleyball team will play in sub-state, Saturday, Oct. 22.