Is Ari Delights, a delight?

Katelyn Gau, Writer

Ari Delights is a modest boba and drink shop at 11030 Quivira Rd, Overland Park KS. The shop is open 10 am-9 pm everyday of the week. Although there are many different types of drinks offered, the three main categories include the frosty drinks, which are similar to smoothies, the specialty drinks, similar to tea and boba drinks, and the create your own cup. Each of the reviewed drinks fit into one of these three categories. 

The first drink tasted was the “Love Potion with Heart Jelly”, one of the specialty drinks, and is made of a green tea with red guava flavor and blueberry jelly hearts. The tea was pretty satisfactory, not really sweet but not really bitter either. It tasted just how you’d expect a basic tea to taste, not sweet but a more relaxing taste, with no crazy flavors. The jelly hearts were completely unexpected, and were much tougher to chew than they seemed. It was  a strange texture in general. The jellies didn’t add much to the drink and didn’t have much flavor, despite an advertised blueberry taste. One of the positive things about this drink was that it didn’t  leave a lingering taste in your mouth; sometimes with drinks one will have an unappealing taste that sticks around for too long. You should definitely not have something sweet before having this drink. After drinking one of the other drinks before coming back to Love Potion, the drink tasted so much more bitter and there wasn’t really anything appealing about the drinks anymore. Before revisiting the drink the rating is a 7.5/10, after the sweet drink in between the rating became a 5/10. 

The second drink tasted was the “Sunset Kiss with Strawberry Heart Jelly.” This is one of the frosty drinks with mango and strawberries and heart shaped strawberry jellies. They didn’t have the heart shape at the time, so the strawberry jellies were in a more rectangular shape, which surprisingly gave them a better texture than the Heart-shaped jellies. The only bad thing about these jellies was getting huge mouthfuls of them. The drink tasted very tropical and sweet and had lots of flavor, you could really taste the mango. The aftertaste the drink left wasn’t particularly enjoyable, like a sour mango taste, although the aftertaste is often experienced with other mango drinks. The rating for this drink is a 8/10.

The last drink was the “Strawberry Banana” with the addition of strawberry popping boba added to the drink; this was the “create your own cup” drink. This drink was by far the best of the three. Strawberry banana is a pretty neutral tasting drink; it’s not as sweet as the second drink, or as bitter as the first. The drink was very good and the popping boba was a lot of fun. The popping boba bursting so easily was unexpected and it was a very relaxing drink versus the greater effort it took to eat the jellies of the other two drinks. This drinks rating is 9/10. Ari Delights is a great place to visit for any kind of drink to just sit back and relax.