Breaking a sweat in quarantine

Are you looking to stay active in quarantine, but don’t know how? Check out these YouTube channels for workout classes to fit your needs, while costing nothing but some sweat.

Izze Lentfer, A&E Editor


“Yoga by Adriene” is a YouTube channel with yoga class options for all skill levels. Adriene has hundreds of videos uploaded for beginners, experts, dancers, people with back pain, and more. In addition, she offers varying class lengths and class goals. Whether you are looking for meditation for anxiety or just morning yoga, she’s got you covered on this channel. Adriene has a relaxing voice and is easy to follow. If you’re looking for a chill workout for the mind and body, “Yoga by Adriene” is a great option.



“Dedicated to helping people feel better,” SELF is a woman’s magazine and website that provides healthy eating tips, nutritious recipes,  workouts, beauty how-tos and fitness advice. On their YouTube, they have a playlist called “Sweat with SELF.” Here you can find workouts with a variety of lengths, from ten minutes to forty minutes, with topics such as cardio, full body no equipment, full body dumbbell and so on. In most of their workouts SELF  teaches and describes the movements first, goes into a warm-up and then continues their classes by breaking it out into circuits. They edit their videos to have helpful features on the screen, such as a timer, so you know how long each move will be performed. There is also a small preview in the corner that tells what the next move will be, and a circle is displayed that shows where in the circuit you are. This channel offers a lot of HIIT (high-interval intensity training) workouts. If you’re looking for something quick and hard-hitting, and is guaranteed to leave you tired afterward, this workout channel is the one for you.



Rebecca-Louise runs a fitness YouTube channel and on March 17 she began posting a Quarantine Series, where she uploads different workouts you can do at home. She started it off with a “Destress and Unwind STRETCHES- RELEASE ANXIETY” video. Since then, her workouts have included grounded workouts, abs and shoulders, and more. In her videos, she is positive and uplifting as you workout with her. Some of the defining features of Rebecca-Louise’s videos include her Australian accent as well as her dogs, Alfie and Penny, who sit in on the videos. If you’re looking for a workout specially designed for exercising in Quarantine, Rebecca-Louise will get you up and moving.

PopSugar is a pop culture blog and website, but also has a YouTube channel dedicated to fitness called “POPSUGAR Fitness.” On their channel they feature every kind of workout class you can imagine, from dance, kickboxing, and Pilates classes, to arm workout routines, and cardio and strength training. They have tons of playlists for you to sift through and find the workout fit for you. If you only want to workout for a set amount of time there are folders divided up into categories of time from 10 minutes up to 40 minutes. Whether you’re looking to experience a new workout class, or are looking for a specific class, “POPSUGAR Fitness” is perfect for you. You can find any workout class imaginable on this channel and make working out from home more fun.

Twenty-two year-old Maddie Lymburner runs this YouTube fitness account. The MadFit channel is tailored for teens and young adults. MadFit has a variety of workout options, but one special thing she does is her song workouts. This is where she sets a workout to a popular song, she recently made a workout to “Say So” by Doja Cat. Her song workouts are usually titled as Full body, Abs, or Leg/ Booty workout routines. MadFit has playlist categories like no equipment workouts, apartment friendly workouts, song workouts, stretch/yoga, knee friendly/low impact and more. This channel is perfect for teens looking to have some fun while getting in a good sweat at home.