Lauv’s “Tattoos Together” music video diverges from usual dark themes

Recently known for his ever changing hair color and electro pop music style, Lauv’s new music video is a fun, bright addition to his upcoming album.


Jenna Weyforth, Chief Writer

Within the last few years, Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Lauv has become known for his unique pop sound. With his newest album, “how i’m feeling,” set for release on March 6, Lauv has periodically released nine of the 21 songs debuted on the album.

To promote new music on his Youtube account with 2.6 million subscribers, Lauv has also created music videos, giving a visual to the darker themes of depression and loneliness within his more upbeat pop songs. 

With his new music video for the the song “Tattoos Together,” the lighthearted, reminiscent theme contrasts with the more serious subject matter of many of his previous songs, such as “Sad Forever” and “Drugs and the Internet.” 

In its essence, “Tattoos Together” reflects his lyrics, “if it’s not forever, then at least we’ll have tattoos together,” as it follows him through an amicable ending to a relationship, leaving him with a few memories and a tattoo. 

Starting strong with a powerful baseline, Lauv sings to the camera, surrounded by neutral colors as he gets out of bed. Walking out onto an empty street, the realism of the video fades into an energetic dance number that features a cellist and a dancing roller skater, just to name a few. 

Backed by a catchy dance beat and simple lyrics, Lauv’s neutral clothing contrasts with his band of dancers in vibrant clothing. Dancing through the streets, the flashy choreography coincides well with the lighthearted theme of the song. 

Concluding the song, the video shows Lauv realizing his leftover feelings for his ex, and even getting down on one knee with a ring, only to find her with another guy. Even this change of events, however, is displayed in an upbeat manner, accompanied by a series of comical bloopers.

His new song takes an entirely different road than most of his previous tracks, which have gained popularity partly due to their relevance in the struggles of the younger generation.  Although “Tattoos Together” may lack some lasting value and significance due to its nonchalant theme, it still provides a catchy and fun interlude amongst more serious content.

Lauv builds off of the song’s optimistic theme throughout “Tattoos Together” and brings out the creativity of the song through color and a ‘La La Land’-style dance number, making it a strong addition to his upcoming album.