New dessert cafe brings more than just sweet treats to the table

I Am Frozen Dessert Cafe offers a unique take on dessert.

Jack Bensing, Writer

Located at 143rd and Metcalf, I Am Frozen Dessert Cafe is a new dessert shop right next door to José Peppers. With a focus on inclusivity, all of the desserts are named after compliments. One of the desserts, for example, is named “I am delightful” and each one is delivered by an employee saying the same phrase. Pillows and comfortable seating line one side of the store, which provides people with a sense of comfort when enjoying their desserts.

Shaved Cream Rating: 5/5

Coming in a giant serving size, the dessert was aesthetically pleasing, with whipped cream piled on top. Coined “Shaved Cream,” the dessert is a mixture of shaved ice and ice cream. In addition, the texture was better than either of the two ingredients separately and it is most comparable to cotton candy in an ice cream form. Overall, its uniqueness and texture makes it one of the best desserts around. I Am Frozen Dessert Cafe’s Shaved Cream alone should keep customers coming back.

French Toast Rating: 3/5

One of the other dishes offered is a huge plate of french toast with ice cream on the side, referred to as Honey Toast. The “I am Wonderful” is a huge portion of Honey Toast, which with a base of French Toast showed promise at first. However, this dessert was not nearly as enjoyable as the shaved cream. Halfway through consumption, it is hard to tell exactly what is being eaten. Texturally, the dessert offered no improvement over a regular serving of French Toast. In addition, the inside of the Honey Toast was unusually sticky, which made it bizarre and hardly enjoyable. The familiarity of the ingredients were not enough to put this dessert over the top, as the Honey Toast featured unfamiliar qualities making the plate hard to enjoy. 

Overall Rating: 4/5