Shaking up Nutrition

Self described nutrition clubs offering meal replacement shakes, calorie-burning teas and digestive cleansing shots are staking their claim in the constantly changing world of high school trends.

Megan Yates, Writer

Energizing Mission: 5813 Johnson Drive, Mission, Kan. 66202

Rating: 3/5 stars 

Thirty minutes away from BVNW, Energizing Mission one of the three locations providing healthy shakes and teas to consumers. In addition to the commute, there is limited parking available and their store is somewhat hidden, making it hard to locate. 

Despite these drawbacks, Energizing is able to compete with Vibe and 913 Nutrition due to their staff’s likeability as well as their delicious shakes. 

Workers at Energizing Mission are very relatable and approachable. With a laid-back mentality, Energizing offers a comfortable space with a homey feeling. At eight dollars for a shake and a tea, Energizing is the cheapest of the three locations. 

At Energizing, their Wedding Cake shake is a best seller and for good reason. It resembles the deliciousness of an actual slice of wedding cake, while still providing 24 grams of protein to the consumer. 

Their teas, however, do not match the satisfying taste their shakes provide. Their Raspberry Lemon tea lacks flavor and gives off a tart aftertaste. The raspberry part of the tea is minute, if at all evident. 

Overall, there are minor inconveniences that may turn customers away. Yet, the pleasant taste of their shakes outweigh the possible problems consumers may encounter making all of Energizing Mission’s items a must try. 

Vibe Nutrition: 12591 Antioch Rd., Overland Park, Kan. 66213

Rating: ⅘ stars

Vibe Nutrition, located off 127th and Antioch, has a welcoming atmosphere and provides  a comfortable place to hang with friends. Workers at Vibe are energetic and eager to help customers; which notably contributes to Vibe’s overall positive environment.

One of Vibe’s most popular shakes, Brownie Batter, alludes to the delicious taste of uncooked brownie batter, in reality, it pales in comparison. The protein content is very apparent in the shake, leaving no space for any real flavor.

On the other hand, Vibe’s Cherry Limeade tea is full of flavor, a staff and customer favorite. In addition to having a sweet taste, the tea is high in antioxidants and is made using all-natural caffeine. 

In terms of cost, customers have the option of paying the full price for their items, or they can receive one dollar off their bill by posting on their personal Instagram and tagging @vibenutrtionkc. 

Where Vibe’s shakes may fall short, their customer service is unparalleled. Friendly from the moment one walks in, Vibe workers prioritize personal connections and make sure that customers have a satisfying experience.  

Out of all three nutrition clubs reviewed, Vibe offers the healthiest options, while also presenting the most aesthetically pleasing environment. The only drawback to Vibe is that their shakes, at least the one reviewed, lack flavor. 

913 Nutrition: 11144 Antioch Road, Overland Park, Kan. 66210

Rating: 5/5 stars

Located off College and Antioch, 913 Nutrition is yet another place to get a healthy shake or tea. 913 workers have a personal approach, even discussing their own experiences using the products they sell.

For instance, co-owner Kaley Raber said that she lost 40 pounds just by drinking the very shakes she sells.

Birthday Cake is not only 913’s most popular shake, it also reigns supreme compared to Vibe’s Brownie Batter and Energizing’s Wedding Cake. The Birthday Cake shake tastes like uncooked cake batter and leaves the customer wanting more. Plus, the addition of sprinkles just makes it even sweeter. 

913’s most popular tea is their Mermaid tea; this tea is sour, yet sweet, allowing for an all-around fruity and delightful taste. 

Even though it is more expensive than Energizing Mission, $14 for a shake and a tea, 913 does offer the same discount Vibe Nutrition does; by posting on Instagram and tagging @913.nutrtion, the customer will receive one dollar off the bill. 

913’s overall environment is unmatched. Equipped with a play area for kids and walls to colorfully write positive reviews on, 913 is the best to be.