From Beets to Burgers

Pirates Bone Burgers, a new restaurant located in downtown Kansas City, replicates the taste of regular meat made out of 100% plants.


Grace Davis

The sriracha Chix burger, original and beet burger from Pirates Bone Burgers sit on a tray along with guacamole and original french fries.

Natalie Policky , Writer

Pirates Bone Burgers is a newly opened restaurant solely cooking food made out of 100% plants. This eatery’s menu is completely vegan and includes gluten-free substitutions.  

Because Pirates Bone Burgers is located in downtown Kansas City, parking is an issue, as the restaurant has no apparent parking lots near it. 

However, a customer would have no trouble locating the restaurant, as it has a bright pink framed door and a large blue banner displaying the restaurant’s name. As the customer walks in, they are warmly welcomed by the friendly employees.

Despite this welcome, inside the restaurant, there is limited seating. There are two couches, often flooded with people, as well as around 30 bar seats. Customers could hope to get two seats next to each other while eating here. 

Apart from these drawbacks, the food is remarkably tasty and leaves the customer hungry, wanting more. Service is quick, taking around 15 minutes for the food to be delivered. 

The food reviewed was the horchata drink, the original, beet, and sriracha Chix burgers, and the original and guacamole fries.

The horchata is a deliciously refreshing drink to sip on while waiting for the main meal. It includes plant-based milk with vanilla house syrup and cinnamon.

Their fries come in fairly large portions leaving a customer never questioning the serving size. The original fries were crispy and salty, and the guacamole addition to the other order of fries complimented them nicely.

Although lacking meat, Pirates Bone Burger’s grill their burgers to replicate a meat-made burger. The original burger tastes similar to an ordinary burger, however, this particular burger lacked in taste because of the prominent, overpowering pickle taste. Due to this, the other two burgers rose above the original burger.

The beet burger included a beet patty with pickled cabbage and aioli, leaving a delightfully sweet taste in one’s mouth. 

The best burger was the sriracha Chix burger, including sriracha-seasoned fake chicken and guacamole, making for a savory end to the meal.

In terms of cost, the entire menu of Pirate’s Bone Burgers is under $5, promising hungry consumers a budget-friendly meal.

Although the limited parking and lack of seating take away from the overall experience, the economical reasonableness and mouth-watering food will tempt customers to return to Pirate’s Bone Burgers.

⅘ stars

Pirates Bone Burgers: 2000 Main St, Kansas City, MO, 64108