Review: Sweet Thang

The newly opened ice cream restaurant, Sweet Thang, makes debut at 1088 W Santa Fe St, Olathe, Kan. 66061.

Courtney Krebs, Writer


Sweet Thang is a small, yet vibrant ice cream shop and café. Clear tubes filled with colorful candy line the walls alongside plush seating. In addition, jars of diverse candy and cereal toppings rest upon three large ice cream freezers, allowing for endless flavor combinations. Trying samples is encouraged by the workers as they greet customers with bright smiles, creating a very kid-friendly atmosphere. Although Sweet Thang specializes in ice cream, they also offer a small selection of sandwiches, tea, salads, cookies, pies, candy and cupcakes. 

An eye-catching wall, with the various flavors written on it, displays the store’s wide variety of unique ice cream options on painted wooden boards, including peach melba, key lime sherbert, chocolate raspberry truffle and coconut pineapple. Unlike many other shops, Sweet Thang offers a wide range of options for both fruit and chocolate ice cream lovers. They also have sorbets, sherberts, dairy-free and no sugar added options. Furthermore, popular seasonal flavors such as eggnog and peppermint are rotated throughout the year.


Non-dairy Caramel Pecan Swirl Ice Cream inside a Waffle Cone (5 out of 5)

This flavor has a strong, nutty taste to it, which is nicely balanced with the sweetness from ribbons of caramel. Every bite has an abundance of toppings and flavors from the ice cream are all paired very well with the crisp waffle cone. Although this option is dairy-free, it is still provides a smooth and creamy taste. Sweet Thang offers other dairy-free options as well, such as their tangerine and watermelon sorbets, which are perfect, refreshing treats for dairy-free customers.


Smurf Ice Cream (4 out of 5)

This unique ice cream is blue raspberry-flavored with marshmallow pieces blended in. It is pleasantly creamy and rich, yet still had a hint of fruity sourness. The tanginess from the ice cream is balanced with the sweetness from the marshmallows, making for an unexpectedly delicious combination. Along with that, its bright blue color makes for a perfect photo op.


Rocky Road Ice Cream (3 out of 5)

The classic rocky road ice cream featured a rich chocolate flavor, but lacked marshmallows and nuts like Rocky Road typical features. Unlike the non-dairy Caramel Pecan Swirl, every bite did have a topping to go with it. The components of the ice cream were quality, but overall it lacked texture with its disproportionate ice cream to topping ratio.


Make-your-own Sandwich: (3 out of 5)

Sweet Thang also offers customizable sandwiches. The make-your-own sandwich, with turkey, provolone, mayo, tomato and lettuce on toasted wheat bread, is satisfying, but nothing special. It came with a side of regular potato chips, which were store bought and basic. Although the sandwich is good, it lacked any uniqueness or flare. The components of the sandwich were just like any other sandwich shop and there is a narrow variety of other choices. The best part about the sandwich is its soft and warm bread, which is very fluffy for wheat bread. The melted cheese also kept much of the sandwich together and prevented things from falling apart and becoming messy.


Custom Milkshake: (5 out of 5)

Sweet Thang takes their ice cream passion a step further by offering customizable milkshakes as well. Mixing cappuccino chip ice cream, coffee, caramel and chocolate sauce creates a deliciously sweet and energizing shake. It is smooth and easy to drink through a straw, which is a major plus. It had a balance of both coffee and chocolate, perfect for those who like their coffee particularly sweet. Customers can mix any toppings and ice cream together, making Sweet Thang’s milkshakes a highly appealing option for many customers.