Cafe Equinox Review

Embodying its mantra of “caffeine and chlorophyll,” this family tree nursery paired with a small coffee shop café is a cozy stop to add to your spring calendar.


Ellen Bruce

The cafe area offers many different seating areas, including one with a large, glowing Cafe Equinox sign.

Jenna Weyforth, Writer


Looking at the entrance to Café Equinox, a large wooden structure entrance opens into the outdoor plant nursery along with a second entrance to the indoor shop and coffee shop. Next to the doors are multiple trees and plants, including a large KC sign made up of light green plants welcoming visitors into the café and shop.

Walking in, the coffee shop is to the right with areas to sit and relax or work on either side, and the entrance to the garden shop straight ahead. The seating areas are cozy adding to the rustic feel of the shop with comfortable and medium lighting overhead. Above the comfortable leather couches is a circular sign advertising the Café Equinox logo, with a glow of yellow light surrounding it.

Café Equinox offers many different options for both iced and hot coffee, and a variety of pastries to choose from. The most appealing drink for the warm weather is an iced mocha, which is a refreshing option for both taste and flavor. The coffee shop compliments the relaxed café atmosphere, although the products would not stand out among other coffee shops. Though there is nothing particularly special about the café and prices are on the more expensive side, about $6 for a 16 oz. mocha, the service is quick and accurate.

Past the coffee shop and seating area is the garden store which sells plant and flower seeds along with many varieties of garden decor and tools. In the store, customers can find almost anything they could want in a gardening store, including various knickknacks and artificial plants. During this time of year, the doors are opened into the greenhouse, and each gust of wind creates a quiet ringing of wind chimes.

There are three areas of different types of plants and flowers at The Family Tree Nursery, an outdoor herb walkway, a tropical indoor plant greenhouse and an outdoor primarily indigenous flower area.

Through the store, the entrance to the plant nursery greenhouse is scattered with various rustic decorations, which are arranged around the nursery as well. These simple decorations are effective in building the relaxing environment of the nursery.

Outside the door in between the store and plant nursery is a long walkway lined with an assortment of mint, cilantro, dill, chives, basil and other types of herbs. The fresh air provides a natural and crisp scent to the area, and the soothing colors of the herbs add a comforting mood.

A fresh and earthy scent is prominent among the many varieties of tropical plants in the indoor greenhouse, and the bright succulents and various plants stand out from the neutral, bland colors of the city.

Leading back to the entrance is another greenhouse, which holds mostly indigenous flowers and plants. Resting on simple green-stained wooden planks, the natural fragrance and bright colors of the flowers and plants create a homey atmosphere.

Overall, Café Equinox is a relaxing and enjoyable experience, and the many plants and general mood provide a calming, natural environment. Café Equinox is a refreshing take of plants paired with coffee, and is a unique place to visit this spring.