Review: Bar K

Bar K is an off-leash dog park located at 501 Berkley Parkway, Kansas City, Mo. Bar K is open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends.

Maggie McCready, Writer

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Walking up to Bar K, I initially thought that it was going to be  an average dog park, one with grass fields scattered around and maybe a few benches here and there. Within seconds of seeing it, I knew that Bar K wasn’t anything like the typical neighborhood dog park. Even before I walked through the gates to enter the park, I was greeted by a very pleasant lady who kindly answered a few questions I had and gave me a little insight into the park itself. Already very eager to see the inside of the park, I walked through the two sets of gates into the off-leash area and immediately smiled as a herd of many dogs came bounding over to greet me.

Throughout the off-leash section of the park, there were several unique features that added lots of personality and gave the complex a trendy and modern feeling. Directly in the middle of the off-leash section of the park, there was a multilevel doggie playhouse which gave the dogs a fun and innovative site to climb and play on. Few feet from the very popular play structure, was a giant metal dog bowl filled to the brim with tennis balls perfect for a game of fetch through the two-acres of the off-leash area. As well a great place for dogs to roam and play, Bar K has many knowledgeable staff members throughout the park trained specifically to help and protect every dog.  

Not only were there endless things for the dogs to do like, doggie rock walls and even a little splash pool, but Bar K added several “human only” things to the park improving the overall atmosphere throughout the park. Even throughout the off-leash portion of the park, seating, shelters and games, like Connect Four and Guess Who, were scattered everywhere making sure that humans were also enjoying their time there as well.

At the center of the complex, a multistory building made from old train cars stood serving as the focal point of the park with a restaurant, coffee shop, and office inside. With a modern theme throughout, the restaurant was very spacious and had a large menu spanning from sandwiches, to specialty drinks, and even to doggie ice cream! Above the restaurant, the second level was dedicated to rentable meeting rooms overlooking the park and a balcony filled with seating for owners to relax and watch their dogs from overhead. From the balcony the entire park could be seen, from the multiple specialty parks devoted to puppies and small dogs, to the dog grooming station located inside another train car, and even to the stage where performances and training demonstrations often take place. Bar K even dedicated an entire portion of the park to host dog adoption events and days which they call the Petfinder Park.  

As a dog lover myself, I found that Bar K adapted the traditional dog park experience to provide for not only the dogs, but the humans as well. This new spin on the ordinary dog park, allowed for dog lovers around the Kansas City area to connect and enjoy what they love most, dogs. As my new favorite weekend activity, I would definitely recommend Bar K to anyone, even if you don’t like dogs, because it has a complete experience dog lover, or not.