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Dapper Doughnuts is located at 1811 Village W Pky, O-123 Kansas City, Kan. 66111.

Review: The Dapper Doughnut

Serving various types of doughnuts as well as doughnut milkshakes and coffee, The Dapper Donut is an up-and coming-doughnut shop in the Legends Outlets Kansas City. Staff writer Maddie Oliver rates the food out of five stars.

October 4, 2018

1811 Village W Pky, O-123 Kansas City, Kan. 66111

The Dapper Doughnut has a national reputation for being an aesthetically pleasing doughnut shop, so when one opened up in the Legends’ downtown, it was a necessity to give it a try.

Walking in, the shop greeted me with its white brick walls and yellow stripes. The walls opposite from those are a bright sky blue color and the menu is on a matte black chalkboard.

The interior looks like something you could pin on Pinterest. It completely stands out from your traditional doughnut shop.

It’s not your regular doughnut shop where you can choose one or two donuts to have. Customers can choose between six,12, 24, or 48 donuts to have from flavors such as “S’mores” to “Blueberry Lemon.” The price ranges from $5 for six doughnuts to $28 for 48 doughnuts.The doughnuts are around the size of your palm, so six of the small doughnuts would equal around two average sized doughnuts. The doughnuts are also made fresh, so there aren’t trays full of the donuts to look at and pick. Along with doughnuts, the shop offers milkshakes and coffee. The owner confirmed that even though they don’t offer vegetarian or vegan options, they’re working on a gluten-free flavor.

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