Little criticism for “Ant-Man and the Wasp”

Staff Writer Ben Hobbs offers his opinion on the newest movie from the Marvel franchise, "Ant-Man and the Wasp." The movie came out on July 5.


Courtesy of Disney

Marking the 20th film released in the Marvel franchise, "Ant-Man in the Wasp" debuted in theaters on July 5.

Ben Hobbs, Writer

The follow-up film, “Ant Man and the Wasp,” to 2015’s “Ant Man” keeps everything that viewers loved about the first, and enriches every aspect to create a film far better than its predecessor.

“Ant Man and the Wasp,” follows Scott Lang after the events of “Captain America: Civil War,” placing Ant Man under house arrest for two years. Scott tries his best to be a good dad to his daughter, Cassie, while staying at home and battling boredom. Everything changes when Scott receives a message from Janet Van Dyne, who became lost in the quantum realm. He then gets back in touch with his old partners, Dr. Hank Pym and love interest Hope Van Dyne, in an attempt to rescue the lost wife and mother of Pym and Van Dyne. Their plans are interrupted by three antagonists this time around, Sonny Birch, a wealthy businessman who wants to sell their tech; Agent Jimmy Woo, a bumbling FBI agent who is keeping Scott under house arrest; and Ghost, the quantum phasing villain who is after the crew’s quantum energy. The journey into the quantum realm deepens the story of the movie, as this seemingly otherworldly universe was only barely touched on in the first movie. This movie takes place during the events of “Avengers: Infinity War,” and explains both Ant Man and the Wasp’s absence from the fight against the cosmic criminal, Thanos.

With enemies on every front, the action in the film is incredibly well paced, keeping the audience on the edge of their seat. The size changing ability of each hero is used incredibly well and offers a new twist to traditional hand-to-hand combat. Ant Man’s partner, the Wasp, shows off this ability in a kitchen fight scene. As odd as the kitchen sounds as the setting for a fight, it really is the perfect setting. As the Wasp changes size, the audience gets to see food, salt shakers and other kitchen items enlarged in order to combat adversaries. The Wasp’s size-changing ability is best shown when she slides under pans and hides behind food, just to grow back to normal size to deliver forceful punches. Another intriguing addition to the movie is the car chases. During car scenes, the cars are able to be shrunk, which allows Ant Man and the Wasp to dodge foes whether growing to full size while under another vehicle to launch it into the air or even just to escape visibility.

The comedy in this movie is another element that causes this film to stand out. The group of robbers from the first movie have now started a business called XCon security, the name poking fun at the fact that they are all ex-cons. The back and forth between this group especially Luis, played by Michael Peña, is a highlight of both the first film and this one, keeping the movie entertaining and genuinely hilarious.

“Ant Man and the Wasp” also has two post credit scenes that tie in to the previous Marvel film, so moviegoers beware.

This film shines as one of the greatest Marvel films, due to the high pace action and gut splitting humor. It is recommended to anyone who is interested in the Marvel Universe, or anyone who is just looking for a fun time. Unlike Infinity War, only a bit of previous knowledge is required to fully enjoy this movie, notably the events in the past Marvel films of “Ant Man” and “Captain America: Civil War.” Building off of the events of the first movie, “Ant Man and the Wasp” shines as a sequel and is a worthy addition to the growing Marvel franchise.