One for fall, fall for all

Local focal, Kanishka Mehra

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As the seasons change in Overland Park and the leaves change their colors, it’s easy to overlook the simplicity of this time of year. Essentially, this season is every emotion one has ever felt, but intensified. The trees cling onto their parting leaves as we fill our coffee cups with warmth. The photos I take in the fall are usually my favorites of all year, because of this abundance of emotion and connection to the season.

In early October, I headed to The Nelson-Atkins Museum with BVNW’s Photo Club for a photoshoot. We only got about an hour of shooting time, after failing to realize that the sun sets earlier nowadays. Nonetheless, we made the most out of the hilly architecture and soaring sculptures.


It was only about 7:30 p.m. when the sun went down, so we decided to head over to the Crossroads in Kansas City, Mo., for First Fridays. We found a coffee shop with stunning lighting, and the dancing crowds of people made the night seem like one large street party.


We later found a rooftop where the #KCLOVES sign is located.


Kanishka Mehra
Junior Maura K at First Friday’s in Crossroads, Kansas City.


The Nelson-Atkins was one of my favorite fall shoots of all time. The new Photo Club members, double locations and the overall “summer is ending” vibe all made the night memorable.

Though I love the changing leaves, I also adore the wildflowers in October and November. Most plants begin to shrivel up, but wildflowers continue to blossom until late November, allowing for vibrant photos like these.


To celebrate Halloween and spooky month of October, I took some IT-themed photos of senior Ryan Jones in a park by BVNW. Getting various angles added dimension to these photos. We crawled down a sewer drain and hiked to the stream to get this eerie vibe.



One of my favorite ways to spend a weekend in November is to go down to the Country Club Plaza and Loose Park. I hope to go down there again after Thanksgiving, when the Plaza Lights turn on. The fallen leaves and bright trees at Loose Park made the overcast day pop with color.



I hope that inspired you all to go out and shoot over Thanksgiving break and share with the world!