Freezing Moo review

Read a review on Freezing Moo. It is a new rolled ice cream shop on 135th Street.

Emma Bruce , Editor-in-Chief

Ever wonder what the rolled ice cream all over Snapchat stories is? There’s a very good chance you’re looking at a frozen treat from the new rolled ice cream shop, Freezing Moo. Rolled ice cream appears to be a growing trend that BVNW students have started to enjoy at 6936 135th St. Overland Park, KS 66223.

While keeping up with trends can sometimes be a struggle for me, I figured this was one I needed to test out. I had been seeing it all over social media and I do consider myself quite the ice cream expert after spending a summer making a little above minimum wage to scoop it. Upon walking in I noticed it was packed. I had to stand outside for a few minutes because the line was that long. However, this did give me quite a bit of time to look over the menu and figure out my order. While the board showing the flavors was a bit cluttered, I was able to make out that there were 10 different flavors for me to choose from and a variety of toppings that I could have as options for the three that would top my ice cream. I chose the s’mores flavor with Peeps, brownie and Reese’s on top.

After ordering, the line moved along until I was in front of a clear sheet that allowed me to look in on employees making my ice cream. They started by putting the ingredients on a large silver tray and pouring an off-white liquid on top as they cut up the ingredients and mixed it together. I’m assuming there was something below the tray cooling it because as the employee mixed around the ingredients and spread it into a flat layer, it froze into an ice cream texture. Then they scraped it so it became a few rolls and stuck them in a cup and stuck my toppings on top.

My order looked so pretty I hardly wanted to bite into it, but after an internal pep talk I took my first bite and it was pretty darn good. The texture wasn’t quite what I had expected (not in a bad way), but once I got over that I found myself really enjoying it. It was sweet but not to a sickening effect and the more I ate I was able to see the details in the rolls which was a fun experience.

My total came out to about $5 which might sound pricey, but I deemed it to be a reasonable amount after taking into account the quality of ice cream and the experience that comes with it. Beyond that, it matches pretty evenly in price with ice cream shops surrounding it but you get the extra bonus of watching them roll it. If you haven’t tried Freezing Moo yet, I would definitely recommend taking a few pals and testing it out.