Review: Dare to Dazzle TV

The Dazzler's annual spring show “Dare to Dazzle TV” will show in the BVNW PAC May 13. Sophomore Lauren Fischer attended the dress rehearsal on Monday to give her review.

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Review: Dare to Dazzle TV

Lauren Fischer, Staff Writer

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The lights dim, and the stage goes silent. 17 girls walk out, crossing in front of the audience, then making their way up the stairs and onto the stage. Suddenly, the lights go up, revealing a shiny silver background reflecting all the stage lights and the BVNW Dazzlers wearing black glittery outfits. The word “Dazzlers” floats above their head, glowing bright.
The Dazzler’s spring show, an annual event consisting of the Dazzlers presenting various dances has one performance remaining Friday night. The theme this year is “Dare to Dazzle TV” or “D2D TV”.
The show was full of energy and electricity the minute it began, and the enthusiasm never decreased throughout the whole event. The first few dances were done by grade level, so the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior Dazzlers all had their own unique group dance. These dances started off the show perfectly, and showcased the large amount of talent held by each grade level.
The show was divided up into short, comedic sketches by the masters of ceremonies that led into the Dazzler’s dances. This year, the masters of ceremonies are three seniors and four juniors. The sketches portrayed different TV shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and the “Bachelorette.” The sketches were light hearted and funny, and really kept the show moving along.
Another aspect of the spring show I really enjoyed was the different styles of dance presented by the Dazzlers. Contemporary, hip-hop, jazz and ballet were just some of the styles I got to see, and the Dazzlers did justice to all of them. One of the captains of the Dazzler dance team, senior Claire Ross, said the Dazzlers get to incorporate technique they’ve learned from their own dance studios into the spring show.
“[The spring show] is exciting because we get to do a lot of dancing that I think is different compared to what we show to the school in assemblies and things,” Ross said. “I hope that the school just gets to see a different side of our dancing and…gets to see what we love to do and what we do all of the time in a grand scale production.”
The final dance, a contemporary style dance to the song “Last Dance” by Donna Summer and “Change is Everything” by Son Lux, was very touching and heartfelt. I could tell how focused the whole team was on getting this last dance perfect, and how much the seniors put into this last dance especially. Ross said it is a Dazzler tradition to incorporate part of “Last Dance” into the final dance of the spring show.
I got to see different types of dance at the spring show, and also different types of costumes. Each outfit the Dazzlers had was unique and fitted the song they were dancing to. The costumes ranged from elegant, ballet-like skirts and jeweled tops to baggy jeans and sweatshirts. It was really cool to see the different costumes compliment the various dances the Dazzlers performed.
There is truly something for everyone at the Dazzler’s spring show. From ballet to hip hop, the Dazzlers did a great job of perfecting each dance style. If you’re like me, and don’t know much about the different styles of dance or dance in general, the spring show is a great way to become exposed to these various dance types. The emcees also provided plenty of humor and kept the show light-hearted and fun. Going to the Dazzler’s spring show is a great way to see the amazing feats the Dazzler’s have accomplished this year, and see the large amount of talent the dance team has.