Late Arrival and Lattes

Students at BVNW kick off their Thursday mornings by going out to breakfast.

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Late Arrival and Lattes

Olivia Baird, Writer

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The extra time late arrival allows on Thursday mornings may be time to sleep in for some, but going out for breakfast has become a tradition for BVNW students. Although 79 percent of students prefer to sleep in, for sophomore Allison Glaser and junior Pumposh Bhat, late arrival is more than an extra hour of hitting the snooze button.

For Glaser and her friends, their place of choice is at The Egg and I, a relatively new, breakfast-only restaurant on 135th and Hemlock.

“[The Egg and I] is a new restaurant that I went to with my family. It was really good, so I made my friends try it and they all liked it,” Glaser said. “That’s when we started going there.”

Although Glaser and her friends do not go to the Egg and I every Thursday, it has become a late arrival tradition for them.


“We have been going since around the beginning of freshman year when we wanted to do something for late arrival,” Glaser said.

The issue of not being able to drive themselves can make it difficult to go every Thursday, Glaser said, but once that problem goes away it will make it easier to go on a more regular basis.

“We will probably keep going to The Egg and I all throughout high school, especially when we get cars,” Glaser said. “We usually go once or twice a month now but we will probably try to go every late arrival once we can drive ourselves.”

According to Glaser, getting an entire meal is better than just getting coffee because she is no longer hungry for the rest of the morning and afternoon. However, for Bhat and 34 percet of students at BVNW, going to Starbucks is their preferred late arrival activity.

“I am not much of a person to sleep in, so I usually just wake up on time and I go down to Starbucks or go eat something for breakfast,” Bhat said.

The atmosphere in Starbucks is superior to other coffee shops, Bhat said. Due to the distance of the cafe, he believes more upperclassmen go out for coffee and breakfast than the younger students at BVNW.

“[The tradition of going for coffee] started when I started driving to school, because before that my parents never really took me anywhere before school,” Bhat said. “I walked to school before I started driving, and there weren’t really places in walking distance.”

Whether she has a car or not, Glaser said getting breakfast is better than using the time to sleep in.

“It strengthens me and my friends’ friendship,” Glaser said. “We can bond over our love of food and spend more time together outside of school.”