On the Runway: A look at students’ fall fashion

As sweater weather approaches, students are starting to see new trends in the halls of BVNW. Junior Addison Shaw, senior Mackenzie Shell, and sophomores Calista Shell and Isabelle Aube share some of their favorite up and coming trends for the fall season. To take a look at how a guy’s style changes in the fall, senior Nick Baker shows some of his favorite fall pieces.


fall trends_100413_0560 copyMilitary Boots: with Addison Shaw

What do you like about the military boot trend?

Shaw: “They’re edgy and cute, and they look good with about anything.”

What do you wear them with?

Shaw: Jeans, usually, or leggings.”

Have you seen a lot of people wearing them?

Shaw: Definitely, because its fall and they’re starting to wear them again.”

Where’d you get yours from?

Shaw: DSW (Designer  Shoe Warehouse).”

Do you wear them because they’re “in” or because you like them?

Shaw: I’ve worn them for like 3 years now,I’ve gotten many different pairs…I always have.”


fall trends_100413_05732Earring Crazy: with Calista Shell and Isabelle Aube

 What do you like about the trend?

Shell: “I like it because you don’t have to dress up a lot, because the jewelry adds to your look.”

Aube: “You can add a whole bunch of different earrings; you can do all different kinds.”

Do you have more earring holes because that’s “in” or because you like them?

Shell: “We just decided to do it. We were at Isabelle’s house one night and we pierced them ourselves.”

Why do you think it’s in style?

Shell: “People are starting to do their own things and not going with other trends of other people, and I think that piercing ears is kind of something to do when you’re bored.”

Do you think a lot of people are going to start doing it?

Shell and Aube: “I think it’s really cute, but I think a lot of parents don’t allow it though.”

Do you think people are starting to wear more jewelry in general?

Aube: “Yes, I feel like rings are in right now, and I see a lot of people wearing  a ton of bracelets. I like ankle bracelets.”

Where do you get all your rings from?

Aube: “I got most of them on vacation, at Target, and one at an airport.”


fall trends_100413_05563Oversized Cardigans: with Mackenzie Shell

Why do you think oversized cardigans are becoming a trend?

Shell: “They’re super comfy and they look cute if you put it over a tee shirt or a dress. You can also wear it over anything and you’re not wearing a sweatshirt, but you feel like you are.”

Have you seen a lot of people starting to wear them this fall?

Shell:  “Yeah, I think there are so many ways to wear them that it kind of fits everybody’s style.”

Where do you get your cardigans? 

Shell:  “I always get mine from Urban Outfitters. They’re so comfy and they’re kind of unique.”

What do you wear your oversized cardigans with?

Shell: “I wear a lot of dresses and skirts, but I know when it gets colder I will probably wear more jeans and boots.”


nick baker gibney_101513_2388A Guy’s Fall Style: with Nick Baker

How does your style change in the fall?

Baker: “My fall style changes completely. I basically turn into a complete hipster. I’ll wear jackets, different styles of jeans, different styles of shoes and a lot of accessories as well.”

What kinds of accessories do you wear?

Baker: “I wear a lot of bracelets, scarves, and hats.”

What is your favorite thing to wear in the fall?

Baker: “Jackets. I love wearing multiple different jackets.”

What kind of shirts do you wear in the fall?

Baker: “I wear a lot of flannel button-downs, and tee-shirts with the frocket (Frat/front pocket).”

What kind of shoes do you wear in the fall?

Baker: “I wear a lot of Vans and sandals…they’re super comfortable like Crocs but they’re not gross to look at.”

What is your ideal outfit in the fall?

Baker: “A light jacket with a hood, under a heavier jacket with some skinny jeans – they’re not really skinny jeans I guess, but they’re tight jeans- and flannel button-down.”