Staff Editorial: It starts with StuGo

StuGo recently dealt with the ongoing complaints about students not being allowed to wear hats in school. It got the new rule approved by the administration, under which students can wear school-appropriate hats in all classrooms unless otherwise designated by the teacher as a hat-free zone.

The student body president, senior Ben Murdock, said when looking at the process of discussing the policy with administration, StuGo wanted a collaboration between the student body and the leaders of our school.

Murdock said changing the hat policy started with a student petition, which brought the issue to the attention of the executive board. Once this occurred, StuGo was able to discuss the issue with the administration in order to  make a change.

“Our goal is to be the bridge between the student body and the administration and district office and everybody up from there,” Murdock said. “It’s more of ‘Let’s work together so that everybody’s happy.’”

StuGo stepped up to the plate, and voiced our concerns, as the bridge between us and the administration. We shouldn’t view them as just the “dance planning people,” because in reality, their roles are much bigger and more impactful for the entire student body. The change in the hat policy will benefit students who feel they can now fully express themselves, which in turn, makes our school a more open and inclusive place.

But we shouldn’t stop at just changing this one policy.

Working to fix this conflict shows we can improve things we’re passionate about, whether that be in our own school or in the rest of the world, where we face a heated political climate. By working with StuGo on fixing more issues we care about, we can make more change for our school. With the change in this one policy, imagine what we could do to change the community around us.