Huskies defeat Vikings and advance to Sub-State championship

The boys varsity basketball team defeated Shawnee Mission West 79-36 in the Sub-State semifinals, on Feb. 28.


Remi Nuss

Blue Valley Northwest’s boys varsity basketball coach Aaron Ihm greets Shawnee Mission West’s boys varsity basketball coach Matt Schulman, who is the former BVNW girls varsity basketball coach.

Alyssa Gagnon and Harper Latta

After finishing the regular season with a record of 16-4, the boys varsity basketball team’s head coach Aaron Ihm said the team has been busy preparing for the postseason.

“[We watched] lots of film and then also just cleaning up some things that we do,” Ihm said.

As the no. 2 seed, the Huskies were paired up with the no. 15 seed, Shawnee Mission West, coached by former BVNW girls varsity basketball head coach, Matt Schulman. 

“After the last four years of coaching the girls team, I’m not gonna lie it was pretty emotional. I got here probably about an hour and a half before the game and just kind of sat in the locker room and walked around a little bit. I missed this place a lot,” Schulman said. “There’s a lot of good memories and a lot of good people here.”

Starting off the game, the Huskies took the lead quickly. At the end of the first quarter, BVNW led SMW 22-6. Senior Grant Stubblefield attributed the success of the team to what they have been focusing on in practice.

“I feel like we were just moving the ball around and being aggressive. We were rebounding a lot and just taking advantage of all those mistakes they made,” Stubblefield said. 

At halftime, BVNW increased their lead to 38-12 and did not let up throughout the entire second half. The Huskies ended the game by defeating the Vikings 79-36.

Despite Schulman’s team losing to the Huskies, he said he hopes to see BVNW make it far in State this year.

“It was a little weird being on the other end, but it was good to compete and give it our all and be able to see coach Ihm,” Schulman said. “I hope they go on to be nothing but successful and get a ring this year.”

Additionally, Ihm said the team has three main goals this season, and after this win, they are one step closer to accomplishing them.

“We had three goals going into the year: win conference, Sub-State, and then win a state championship so I know it means a lot to them. A lot of things have to go right for that to happen, but they’re a pretty dedicated group,” Ihm said.

The Huskies will advance to the Sub-State championship against Olathe Northwest tomorrow, March 3, at 7 p.m. at Blue Valley Northwest High School.