BVNW falls to BVW in a neck-and-neck Homecoming game

The Huskies were defeated by the Jaguars in a one-point game, 27-26, Sept. 30.


Lila Vancrum

Junior Gavin Hoffman catches the ball for the Huskies’ fourth touchdown of the night, making the score 26-14, Sept 30.

Alyssa Gagnon, Sports Editor

After a week full of philanthropy, Homecoming skits and school spirit, the Huskies lost to the Jaguars in an extremely close game.

Before the game, seniors Adam Koehelr and Abby Allen were crowned Homecoming king and queen.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the Huskies were trailing the BVW Jaguars 14-0. However, according to senior quarterback Connor White, BVNW knew they were the better team, they just had to prove it.

“We knew we were the better team at that time. We knew we were making a lot of mistakes on the offensive end and not moving the ball so we just had to get that first down and get moving,” White said.

With 7:51, BVNW began to turn the game around, with senior Grant Stubblefield scoring his first touchdown of the night. Throughout the remainder of the second quarter, Stubblefield would score two more touchdowns, making the score 20-14 at the half.

“I think our guys did a good job coming back there at the end of the half, but you know, you can’t have dumb penalties and expect to win games,” head coach Clint Rider said.

Throughout the majority of the second quarter and all of the third quarter, the Huskies’ defensive line kept the Jaguars at 14 points. Senior captain Aiden Behymer said that although the defensive line did a good job, they still have things they need to work on.

“Our defense stepped it up and our coverage started to get better. Our offense sort of stepped up and we took the lead going into half,” Behymer said. “[Defensively], I think we did a really good job for the most part, stopping [BVW’s] run game. Coverage is something we definitely need to work on. They had a couple of big plays that broke open and that’s how they got their points.”

Although the Huskies came out strong in the second half with Junior Gavin Hoffman scoring a touchdown, the Jaguars responded a little over a minute late with another touchdown. The Huskies were still leading the Jaguars 26-21, but according to Rider, the team had too many mental errors that caused BVW to catch up.

“We’d have a good play, and then we’d have a bad play. And then we’d have a play where we didn’t know what we were doing or, you know, we didn’t do what we were coached to do,” Rider said.

Likewise, Beyhymer said the team had too many mental errors that allowed the Jaguars to take the lead.

“We definitely think we’re the better team and we know we are the better team. We just had a lot of penalties and mental errors and selfish mistakes that cost us a lot,” Behymer said.”

With 8:16, BVW took the lead, making the score 27-26. The score would stay this way until the end of the game, making the final score 27-26, with the Jaguars winning by one point.

“We have still yet to play our best game of football all four quarters so I’m excited to see where that will take us,” White said.

The Huskies will take on the BVSW Timberwolves next Friday at the BV DAC, at 7 p.m.