Huskies rally back in overtime to defeat the Tigers, 75-71

After falling behind in the fourth quarter, the boys varsity basketball team defeated BVHS in overtime, Feb. 15.

Liz LaHood, Online Editor

Following their win against Center High School on Feb. 12, the boys varsity basketball team defeated BVHS in overtime. 

Head coach Aaron Ihm said they incorporated more defensive formations to keep the Tigers guessing on offense.

“We had more styles and defense to try to play at them, but they got to a point where they were hitting so many threes,” Ihm said. “They stressed us in a lot of ways.”

Senior Avnoor Bhullar added to this, saying the team put emphasis on incorporating new defenses at practice the week before the game.

“We worked on practicing our defense – our basic fundamentals and different types of defenses we have,” Bhullar said.

Ihm said the team played strong, but needs to work on staying concentrated until the end of the game.

“We have to be able to finish off games better. We didn’t do a very good job of that,” Ihm said.

The Huskies kept a strong front for the majority of the game, holding the lead for the first three quarters. However, with just five minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Tigers tied up the game. At the end of regulation, the score was tied, 62-62. 

Northwest fought back in overtime to ultimately defeat High, 75-71. 

Bhullar said the team performed well but were not as focused as usual, which he said is something they need to work on in future games.

“We made a lot of mistakes that we normally don’t make,” Bhullar said. “But we still played hard, and we found a way to win.”

Ihm said BVHS put up a good fight, hitting many well-guarded shots and changing the flow of the game.

“It was two good programs that played at a high level, and it had to have been a fun game to watch as a fan,” Ihm said.

The Huskies are set to play against BVSW on Friday, Feb. 18 at Northwest. Since it will be the last home game of the regular season, senior players will be honored before the game. Ihm said the team will prepare for Southwest with honoring the seniors in mind. 

“We’re trying to honor these seniors in a good game,” Ihm said.