A love like no other

For the past 26 years, one BVNW family developed a special bond with the Kansas City Chiefs.


Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Bredemeier

Jeremy, Paul, Laura, Lisa, and Lily Bredemeier pose outside their house after they had finished putting up decorations for their Super Bowl party. Feb. 2.

Jonny Isaacson, Sports Editor

Having been season ticket holders for 26 years, senior Jeremy Bredemeier’s family has developed a love for the Kansas City Chiefs unlike many others.

Whether a home or away game, the Bredemeiers always have something planned for Chiefs games whether it be going to the stadium or hosting a watch party at their house, Bredemeier said.

“We always host people at our house, everyone knows if the Chiefs aren’t at Arrowhead you’re watching the game at the Bredemeier’s house,” Bredemeier said. “This year we bought a projector screen and a projector to use outside or in the basement just to have a better viewing pleasure of it. When the Chiefs are away we try to have as many people as we can, always open invite and watch the game together.”

According to Bredemeier, his dad, Paul Bredemeier, first thought about buying season tickets after going to a playoff game in 1993.

“In 1993 a close friend of mine that worked for the Chiefs was able to get my wife and I tickets to a playoff game and so after that experience, after that game, I said ‘man, it’d be great if there was an opportunity where I could get those seats and season tickets’ and he was able to pull some strings and get me four tickets,” Paul said.

Despite their recent success, the Chiefs had eight losing seasons from 2000-2013, however, Paul said he never thought about giving up on the team.

“There was never a time where I ever had even an inkling of maybe not doing it anymore and going out there,” Paul said.

Bredemeier agreed with his father and said while it can get overwhelming, there are upsides.

“Going through the [Matt] Cassel era, during those times it was really hard with people asking me, ‘Why even waste your time going to those games?’ and it gets pretty stressful to get so emotionally invested in the team, but I would say there are a lot more positives than downsides,” Bredemeier said.

Spending every Sunday watching the Chiefs, Bredemeier knows it’s the one thing that holds his family together.

“It’s kind of glued to our family. No matter what happens during the week, we always look forward to Sunday, knowing what’s gonna bring us closer and that we’re gonna have a good time no matter what,” Bredemeier said. “Something that we all bond over, no matter how much we fight or what we fight over. The one thing we always fall back on and come together on is the Chiefs and being in those seats.”

Paul agreed with his son and added that it’s the one thing everyone in their family can look back on.

“I’ve always been a big fan of football, and as the kids started growing up and watching
the Chiefs, they became avid fans like myself,” Paul said. “This is probably the one thing that we all look back on. The Chiefs and all that really have brought us together and have given us something to root for and to cheer on.”

Unable to go to a full season of Chiefs games this year due to COVID-19, Bredemeier said he was surprised by his dad when they got to go to the Chiefs home opener.

“We just decided to take the year off and not go to every game considering how much more expensive the tickets are, and our seats are far worse than [where we] normally sit,” Bredemeier said. “We were planning on having a party, but my dad called me home, sat me down and surprised me with two tickets.”

While attending the season opener, Bredemeier said he almost felt locked into his section.

“When you go in a specific gate you are almost trapped in that area. You can’t go out of that gate, and the seats are spaced out far more than six feet, to the point where you almost have the whole row to yourself,” Bredemeier said.

Despite not going to the full season of games at Arrowhead, Bredemeier said it won’t stop their family from bonding over the team.

“Right now it seems like we are just going to keep our family together and stay at home and watch the games as a family,” Bredemeier said.

Bredemeier said football Sunday is the highlight of his week.

“All my bosses know to never schedule me on a Sunday, never schedule me for a Chiefs game. Typically those days I really don’t do anything, it’s kind of preparing the mind,” Bredemeier said. “I have a lot of things I do during the day that are superstitious. I go for a drive around the block or town, listen to certain music, I have to drink specific drinks during those drives and just [get] ready.”

Growing up a Chiefs fan, Bredemeier said he plans to keep his fandom going for the rest of his life. He also mentioned that he hopes to get his family’s season tickets which caused some lighthearted drama in the family.

“My sisters and I tend to have arguments over who’s going to get [the tickets] when our parents are gone, sadly, but we definitely know these tickets will forever be in our name. As long as the Chiefs are here, we will be there,” Bredemeier said.

Despite Bredemeier’s beliefs, his sister Lily Bredemeier said she doesn’t want him to get too far ahead of himself, but will carry on the Bredemeier tradition whether she gets the seats or not.

“I think the biggest joke in the family is who’s going to get the tickets and I think Jeremy assumes it’s him, but I’m willing to fight for that one,” Lily said. “I think that my siblings feel the same way, this is just something that one day our kids will just know. It’s like on Sunday, you know that you’re watching the Chiefs game with your family. It’s basically one big Bredemeier tradition.”

Going into different parts of their lives, Lily said she knows the Chiefs have become a permanent bond between her and her siblings, no matter what the future holds.

“Obviously, we’re at a lot of different phases in our [lives]. I’m six years older than Jeremy. I have a job, and I moved out and he’s still in high school and my sister’s in college. There’s a lot happening in each one of our lives,” Lily said. “But I would say that every Sunday, no matter what, we’re either texting about it or we’re watching together. I just think no matter where we’re at, it’s the one thing we always prioritize.”