BVNW varsity volleyball Defeated, 0-2 triangular against St.James Academy and Bishop Miege High School

To add on to their losing streak, the girls varsity volleyball lost both matches in their triangular Thursday, Spet. 17. The Huskies lost their first match to the Stags, 0-2 (16-25, 24-26) and the second match to the Thunders, 0-2, (21-25, 12-25).


Rachel Sarff

Senior Maddie Clark goes to block in the match against Saint James Acadamey, Sept. 17.

Tessa Regan

rom the start, the Huskies struggled to gain a consistent lead against the Stags, never holding on to the lead for more than one point. Recognizing the early struggles of the team, head coach Molly Haggerty said she saw  the challenges the team faced early on, and how being in the beginning of the season played a major factor.

“We are just trying to work through some communication issues and I think there are a lot of trust issues,” Haggerty said. “We are capable of playing, we just have to get a cohesive unit working all together.” 

Freshman Lanie Dougals said the team’s low energy prevented the team from winning the first game.

“I think our energy was just below, and I think if we had more energy, then we could have potentially won that first game,” Douglas said. 

After losing the first set 16-25, the Huskies continued to fight in the second set, hoping to tie up the game.. Falling short, the team lost their second and final set to Bishop Miege, losing the match, 0-2. 

Echoing the first game, Northwest could not maintain a strong lead long enough to get a win against St. James Academy. Grabbing on to a 5-3 lead early in the first set, the Huskies showed potential for the rest of the set. Fighting to hold on to a lead, the team fell short of a win in a nail biting first set, losing 21-25. 

A slow second, and final set resulted in a continued losing streak for the girls varsity volleyball early on in the season, losing against the Thunders 0-2. 

With their next game approaching soon, Haggerty hopes to see growth in the team as they continue to grow closer together. 

“My goal is just for the team to get better every single match, learn something, and just kind of grow as a team,” Haggerty said.