Hawks rout Huskies, 52-24

Despite gaining the lead early, the Huskies quickly lost it and were unable to recover as they fell to Olathe East, 52-24. Senior guard Bridget Harrison led BVNW with 14 points.

Ethan Knauth, Writer

The offense for the Huskies started out strong against Olathe East in their first game of the Lady Hawks Basketball Classic on Dec. 5 at Olathe East. BVNW would end up gaining an early 10-6 lead in the first quarter, but this would mark the end of the Huskies’ offensive dominance. The first quarter lead for the Huskies was erased when the Hawks went on a 20-0 run that continued into the second quarter.

Head coach Brian Bubalo said the shift in momentum toward the Hawks was due to offensive mistakes.

“We had a few turnovers and we gave up some fast-break baskets,” Bubalo said.  

The Huskies trailed 14-36 at the half, and they weren’t able to get back into the game, as the Hawks finished with a comfortable 28-point win.

Senior guard Bridget Harrison was one of the sole highlights for BVNW, finishing with 14 points on the night. Harrison was the only player on the BVNW team who was able to score more than 2 points and helped orchestrate the the Huskies early lead, hitting two quick threes to put BVNW out in front 8-6.  

“I feel like my offense improved a lot more,” Harrison said. “Coming off with two threes, I had more confidence in shooting.”

Ultimately, the Huskies’ inability to score and lack of interior defense led to a 52-24 loss to Olathe East in their first game of the tournament. Bubalo said he did not want the loss to damper the Huskies’ spirits, who still have the opportunity to accomplish their goal for the tournament.

“Our goal right now is to come out of this with two wins.” Bubalo said. “We are 0-2 right now, and we want to be 2-2 by Friday.”

BVNW will be back in action on Thursday Dec. 7, as they will play Lawrence Free State at 3:30 p.m. at Olathe East for their second game of the Lady Hawks Basketball Classic.