“Late Night in The Pound” returns to BVNW

The BVNW varsity basketball program will bring back “Late Night in The Pound,” a preseason event aimed to generate excitement for the program. The event will take place on Wednesday Nov. 30 at 7 p.m.

Gabe Swartz and Walker Johnson

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For the first time since 2013, the BVNW basketball program will be holding “Late Night in The Pound.” The event will feature performances by the Dazzlers and Cheerleaders, as well as scrimmages between elementary future Husky basketball teams, high school recreational basketball teams and the varsity boys basketball team itself.

The event will double as a fundraiser, with cost of admission set at two canned goods.

Boys Varsity Basketball Head Coach Ed Fritz said Late Night in The Pound provides an opportunity to generate excitement for the program, but ultimately, the excitement has to be justified by the teams’ quality of play this season.

It’s a good, fun way for people to see the team, it’s a good, fun way for the guys to get people involved,” Fritz said.  “We’ve been really lucky historically; we’ve always had tons of support at our games. This is kind of a way to give a little support back.”

Senior Darien Jackson said he was inspired by the varsity basketball team his freshman year who held this event before their state championship season.

“My freshman year, [the basketball team] did it and it was fun.” Jackson said. “This is my senior year, so I just wanted to continue on with it.”

Jackson said having the ability to scrimmage prior to Friday night’s game against Mill Valley provides another opportunity for the team to find a comfort level with their offensive plays.

Athletic Director Kevin Gerke said depending on the outcome of this year’s event, Late Night in The Pound could become a yearly event.

“We’ll see how this year goes,” Gerke said. “But I’ll certainly be open to the idea of us doing something like this on an annual basis because I do think there’s a lot of opportunity there to build enthusiasm.”