Boys basketball loses to Lawrence High in state game, takes fourth

In their last game of the state championship tournament, the BVNW boys basketball team lost to Lawrence High School, 66-74, claiming fourth place in the state.

Natasha Vyhovsky, Editor-in-Chief

The BVNW boys basketball team lost 66-74 in their final game in the state championship tournament today at 2:00 p.m. against Lawrence High School. BVNW claimed fourth place in the state with the conclusion of the season.

BVNW began the first quarter tied with LHS, and then trailed a few points behind the for the remainder before finishing the quarter behind, 15-20.

They continued to stay close behind LHS for the second quarter, and in the last three minutes of the first half, LHS scored a three-pointer that set the Huskies back, 29-36.

After falling 10 points behind LHS at times during the third quarter, BVNW caught up in the final quarter, managing to stay two or three points behind for the majority. The game was tight, 62-64, with less than two minutes left in the game, when LHS made a series of shots that put them ahead at the end, 66-74.

Head Coach Ed Fritz said the team had more energy to start the game than they did in their semifinal game last night against Shawnee Mission North. While he said the team could have done a better job guarding the three-point line, he also said they scored more than last night, noting Joe Pleasant with nine points in the first half.

“They consistently knocked down three-pointers and that kind of helped them – every time we came close, it seemed like they knocked down three,” Frtiz said. “Hats off to them for hitting shots; Justin Roberts was 1 out of 10 shooting yesterday (and) he put on a show today.”

Junior Joe Pleasant credited LHS with their ability to shoot well, and said BVNW could have done better locking in on defense. He said the season as a whole was one that fluctuated, but he said overall the team gained experience, grew and came together more as a team they more games they played.

“It hurts; it hurt yesterday, it hurts today, just to lose – to come this far with all this work – but we’ll grow, come back again next year and be better,” Pleasant said.