Boys soccer defeats Dodge City, advancing to state championship game

The boys varsity soccer team defeated Dodge City High School 1-0 last night. The team will advance to the state championship game today at 2 p.m. at the CBAC.

Brandon Fagen, Staff Writer

The boys varsity soccer team beat the Dodge City High School Red Devils 1-0 last night at the College Blvd. Activity Complex. After this win, only one game stands between them and the state championship.

About 17 minutes into the first half, Dodge City scored, but the whistle was blown for a foul. It turned out to be off-sides.

According to senior Brian Kim, even though it didn’t count as a point, it still made the team nervous.

“My stomach dropped a little, and I felt really lucky that they called it back,” Kim said. “It was kind of a wake up call for us, like, we need to go, right now.”

During most of the game, the defense for both teams didn’t let any points through, but one second away from the end of the first half, Kim scored a goal.

“It was just crazy,” Kim said. “I just sprinted and we had five seconds left and nothing going really, so I was like might as well run for it. It was like picture perfect and fell right to me at one second.”

Not a single point was scored during the rest of the game. According to Kim, the team is all really excited to get another chance to win the state championship.

“I’m so excited,” Kim said. “Oh man, cause we lost it last year, so this is our chance to get it back. The team we are playing, Washburn Rural, is the team that knocked us out last year.”

After this win, the team will advance to the final match in the tournament today at 2 p.m. at the College Blvd. Activity Center against Washburn Rural High School.

According to head coach Rick Pribyl, the key to winning this game was patience. He said he was excited about the win, but the players were the ones he was excited for.

“I’m always so much more excited for the high school kids,” Pribyl said, “because this is their time – that’s what matters.”