Postseason predictions

As the Royals enter into the postseason, BVNW fans make predictions about the end of the Royals’ season.

Brandon Fagen, Staff Writer

After the Royals made it to the final game in the World Series last year, fans all over Kansas City now have high expectations for this year’s postseason. BVNW is home to many of these supporters, who have predictions about this season’s outcome.

Even after the Royals lost two of the first three games against the Astros, many of those fans still have high hopes. Royals supporters at BVNW watched these games in suspense and made predictions about this postseason.

One of these fans is senior Jackson Regan, who said he is a dedicated Royals fan and has high hopes for the Royals making it to the World Series; but despite having these hopes, he doesn’t expect they will win the trophy.

“As a fan I would love to say that they will get all the way to the World Series and win it all,” Regan said. “But I just want them to at least get to the World Series. If they get to the World Series I will be happy.”

Senior Bret Swanson does not think the Royals will make it that far; he said he thinks they will beat the Astros in this set of games, but they will lose in the ALCS (American League Championship Series) against the Bluejays.

“Earlier in the year I would have predicted they would make it all the way to the World Series,” Swanson said. “But based on their play in September, I’m doubting the odds.”

Teacher Heather Martins said she watches every Royals game. She said she is a little worried about this upcoming postseason because of the team’s performance on Thursday night, but even after the loss she is still hopeful.

“I want to have a hopeful prediction that we are going to win, and hopefully go back to the World Series,” Martins said. “I think they are going to go all the way.”

Regan said he had low expectations throughout last year’s postseason, but this year is different.

“Last year I didn’t see it coming,” Regan said. “They got all the way to the World Series and I was just happy they made it to the playoffs, but anything less this year would be a disappointment, so I’m hoping they can do it and win it all.”