Varsity softball wins and loses in double header

Madison Graves, Business Manager

The girls varsity softball team played a double header against Bishop Miege Wednesday. BVNW won the first game 6-0; however, they were defeated in the second game 5-14. The second game tied at the bottom of the seventh inning at 5-5 and ended going two innings into overtime.

According to head coach Kim White, the team started out the night great and came out strong, scoring in the first four innings. She said the team was on top of their game as a team and made the plays they were supposed to.

“Defensively, I thought the girls played phenomenal,” White said. “We made three or four great catches. My outfield was hustling and dove and made two or three catches.”

Senior Rachel Chalupa also said the team played really well together.

“It was basically a flawless game,” Chalupa said. “We hit when we needed to and made the plays we needed to. The second game, we had a great start, fought back when we needed to and just let it slip at the end.”

In the second game, BVNW took the lead in the first two innings with two runs. In the fourth inning, however, Bishop Miege caught up with four runs. At the end of the seventh inning, the two teams were tied 5-5. The game was sent into the eighth inning and the score remained tied at 5-5. The game turned in the top of the ninth inning when Bishop Miege scored nine runs.

“[The team] had four errors in the last game,” White said. “Well, it’s hard to win varsity softball games with four errors. And contrary to the first game, where we had one error.”

White said it is important the team learns from the errors that they made in the second game.

“When you have a game like this, you have to learn from what happens,” White said. “If you learn from what happens, so that we respond differently next time, that’s great. I have faith these girls will respond and will do what they need to next week.”

White and Chalupa agreed that the team needed to work on focusing throughout the entire game.

“There were a lot of positives tonight and I need the girls to see what those were,” White said. “But I need us to understand the need to focus from the first pitch to the last out and I think that last inning, our focus just wasn’t there.”