Boys varsity basketball defeated by BVSW on Senior Night

Flammy Huo, Writer

The BVNW boys varsity basketball team played against BVSW last night, and ended up being defeated 55-68.

Before the game began, the three BVNW graduating seniors, James Atwood, Hudson Moses and Dalton Schoen, were honored with their parents on the court. The three graduating managers for the basketball team were also honored.

The game started off with BVNW trailing behind BVSW, with a score of 3-18, BVSW at the end of the first quarter.

During the second quarter, the boys remained behind. With both sides piling up fouls, the Huskies lost a number of free throws while the Timberwolves seized their chance to score. However, the BVNW boys were slowly gaining their confidence and energy back.

After senior Dazzlers and cheerleaders were honored during halftime, the Huskies came back with more energy and a boosting morale. They kept fighting back with three pointers and a growing defense, even though BVSW continuously earned points from free throws and aggressive attacks. At the end of third quarter, the gap between the scores was narrowed to 13, yet BVNW still trailed BVSW 42-55.

However, the boys failed to catch up and make a comeback in the limited time. They were eventually defeated by BVSW 55-68.

Head coach Ed Fritz said he felt disappointed that the team started off poorly with no energy and no life. He said although the boys came back in the second half of the game, they could not remedy the damage made by the first half.

“We played better the second half, but to be able to win, you have to put four quarters together,” Fritz said.

Fritz said injuries and inexperience are the two major reasons for struggles this season for the team. However, he said they cannot be viewed as excuses, and they have a lot to improve on.

“We can improve on our shooting,” Fritz said. “Defensively, we need to work together a lot more. We need to control the pace of the offense a lot more. We didn’t do that today.”

Agreeing with Fritz, Atwood said they could have played better during the game. He also said they need to work on team effort.

“We need to improve on contribution, playing defense, [holding] each other accountable, and just [getting] into the game and being ready to play when it’s time to go out and do it,” Atwood said.

Atwood said he wished the Senior Night could have ended in a better way.

“I feel like we should end it in a better way, but we can’t do anything about it now,” Atwood said. “It would have been a better year.”

Fritz said he feels bad for the seniors, because winning on senior night is always a good feeling, and they did not have that feeling.

“Seniors have been great,” Fritz said. “One of them is hurt. He didn’t get to play. He played two games all year, Hudson Moses. He’s a great leader. James Atwood, Dalton Schoen are great people, doing a great job for the school, so that’s really disappointing.”