Boys varsity basketball loses to BVW

The BVNW boys varsity basketball team lost to BVW 46-56 Friday.

Cameron Hamm, Writer

After a hard-fought match, the BVNW boy’s varsity basketball team walked off the court with a loss to BVW, scoring 46-56. Although the game began with the two teams neck and neck, with BVNW taking the lead twice, the Huskies eventually lost their lead during the third quarter. BVNW nearly came back from trailing 10 points to BVW, scoring a few three point shots that sent BVNW’s small but loud crowd into a frenzy.

However, with every move BVNW made, BVW seemed to have a counterattack. Through strong offensive plays, BVW managed to secure a lead the Huskies could not catch up to.

Senior Dalton Schoen said the loss was a result of the Huskies losing possession of the ball and taking poor shots, along with a defense that broke down too many times.

Head coach Ed Fritz said the Huskies did well on controlling the tempo of the game and put in a strong effort, even though the team was down two players.

“I was proud of the [team’s] effort,” Fritz said.

Fritz mentioned how BVW is a fairly experienced team, while BVNW has many freshmen and sophomore players who do not necessarily have a great deal of experience. However, Fritz said he has confidence in the team’s potential to improve.

“Our goal is to improve,” Fritz said. “We’re going to be good, but we just got to be a little more [patient].”

Fritz said the Huskies’ reputation of two time defending state champions makes him hope the team has “a little magic” when it comes down to the championship.