Boys varsity basketball defeated by Raytown South

The boys varsity basketball team was defeated by Raytown South Friday night. The final score was 63-67.

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Boys varsity basketball defeated by Raytown South

Brandon Fagen, Writer

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BVNW competed against Raytown South in the Lee’s Summit Culver’s Classic tournament Friday night. They were on the tail of their competitors throughout the game, and the final score was 63-67, with BVNW only four points behind.

Head coach Ed Fritz said the team tried to do a better job passing the ball, but missed some easy shots. He also said the team needs to work on shooting free throws.

“We need to improve on our free throw shooting definitely,” Fritz said. “We need to improve on our rebounding, and defensively, we need to get our hand up on shooters.”

Joseph Pleasant, a freshman varsity player, said there were good things and bad things about the game. He thinks the team needs to work on trusting one another, but especially keeping consistency throughout the game. He said the trust has improved though, as well as some other aspects of their game.

“I think the trust we have for each other got better in the second half,” Pleasant said. “We really picked up our intensity defensively.”

Fritz said he can also see signs of improvement. He said the team passed the ball better in the second half, and also played better.

“Now we go back and play teams in the EKL conference,” Fritz said. “So we need to use what we learned here when we go to Southwest and hopefully give them a good game.”

The Huskies are going to Blue Valley Southwest to play in the EKL Jan. 27. Pleasant said the team is planning on using the skills they learned in this game and in all their previous games to help them do the best they can at EKL.

“We just need to learn from this experience,” Pleasant said. “Every single game is a learning experience, and we will grow from it.”