Varsity football defeats Blue Valley North 30-14

Flammy Huo, Writer

BVNW varsity football defeated BVN 30-14 in the annual Pink Out game yesterday. As bleachers filled up with parents and students in pink, BVNW had a large audience and a full recovery from last week’s defeat to Bishop Miege.

The game began with an interception made by BVNW. BVNW seized the chance right away and advanced four times on the field towards the opponent’s end zone. During the fourth down, senior Miles Alexander scored a touchdown six minutes into the first quarter.

Following the touchdown was a field goal that ended the first quarter with BVNW lengthening the lead to 9-0.

Senior Jack Kutey recovered the ball from BVN. Alexander did not hesitate to put seven more points on the scoreboard, scoring his second touchdown and increasing BVNW’S lead to 16-0.

BVNW restricted BVN from getting the first down, resulting in a turnover. This time, senior Brady Kurtz scored the third touchdown in the last minute of the second quarter.

BVNW refused to give any points away. Alexander intercepted the ball during BVN’s fourth down attempt. The complete passes made by senior Zack Zegunis kept pushing BVN toward the end lines.

The Huskies led the game 23-0 into the third quarter. A touchdown scored by senior Dalton Shoen once again secured BVNW’s leading position with only 20 seconds left in the quarter.

When the game advanced into the last quarter, BVN struck back with two touchdowns and an interception. The game was closed with Huskies winning 30-14.

Head coach Mike Zegunis said he is happy about the outcome and the players’ hard work after the defeat from last week.

“Last week was a whole another story,” Zegunis said. “There are going to be some mistakes and nobody’s perfect. We’ll have a chance to watch the film and we’ll have a chance to correct even the mistakes we made tonight…We got better from last week to this week and so we are hoping the same for next week.”

Senior Jackson Walker agreed, saying the team did a good job overall. However, he said he thinks there is still room for improvement.

“We have more things to work on because we weren’t as good as we want to be,” Walker said.

Zegunis said the defensive units managed to secure the win by making it easier for the whole team and hopes defensive players maintain their performance throughout the remaining of the season.

“We preached on defense and tried to get the turnovers and takeaways.” Zegunis said. “There is always a lot of fun when our defensive guys come up with those takeaways. It just made things a lot easier. They keep their offense off the field and keep our offense on the field.”

Zegunis also said he put on younger players on the field for them to gain more experiences in the fourth quarter, when the win was secured.

“Our younger guys had a chance to be on the varsity football field and play, and that’s exciting for them,” Zegunis said. “But there were some mistakes. They gave up some touchdowns to Blue Valley North, but you live and you learn.”