Varsity boys soccer defeated by BVN

Cameron Hamm, Writer

A night of intense soccer culminated in the BVNW varsity team losing to BVN 0-1 yesterday. Throughout the first half neither teams could gain an advantage over each other, with BVNW taking numerous shots on goal but unable to finish.

The tide of the game turned when BVN junior Max Montini scored with 10:13 remaining in the first half. BVNW returned to the field raring for a win, fueled by an encouraging fan section. The team took a total of 18 shots on goal, but was unable to score.

Head coach Rick Pribyl said that the precedent set by the game conveys that BVNW will be a tough team to beat.

“I think for a first game we did a nice job,” Pribyl said. “We got a lot to work on and we’ve got a lot of talented players and we’ll get there.”

Senior captain Sam Glass said after the loss, it is clear the team needs to work on scoring but the fan section does encourage them to put shots in the goal because the cheering does affect the team’s game.

“It’s always nice to have the crowd; for some players it does affect them,” Glass said. “We love our fans, we’re happy that they came out, but disappointed that we didn’t give them the outcome that we wanted.”

Overall Glass said the team needs to improve on finishing, keeping the ball on the ground and looking to switch the field.

“If we finish our chances we’ll win games, that’s what it comes down to,” Glass said. “We won the game, just not on the scoreboard.”