Girls varsity soccer defeated by STA on Senior Night

The girls soccer team lost their last home game with a final score of BVNW 0- STA 2.

Sidney Hallak, Writer

The season is drawing closer and closer to the end, which means it’s time for one of many end of the year traditions. At the varsity girls soccer game against St. Thomas Aquinas  the seven graduating seniors of the girls soccer team were celebrated. Ultimately, the team was defeated by STA with a final score of BVNW 0- STA 2.

The game started off with BVNW mostly in control, but they were not able to turn their possessions into goals. The first half heated up, but neither team walked into the locker room with a goal. BVNW head coach Rick Pribyl said the girls dominated the game, but made a few mistakes which STA capitalized on.

“[STA] got lucky and we were not lucky,” Pribyl said. “You make your own luck and we didn’t make our own.”

The night was a windy one, but Pribyl said the wind did not play a factor in the outcome of the game; he believes the girls played better going into the wind. With the wind behind them, the BVNW girls started the second half and STA quickly came up with a goal, just 1 minute and 20 seconds into the game. Senior and captain Kara Priest said the main problem the team faced was not finishing, and Pribyl agreed it is something they need to work on for the coming games.

“Their chances they scored on, but we had so many more,” Priest said. “This is going to be a good experience for us. Even though we didn’t get the win we can take a lot away from it.”

Three minutes into the second half Priest sprained her ankle during play. She left the game but returned later on to play in her Senior Night game. Priest said she wished they could have won the game, especially after the seniors being recognized at halftime.

“It kind of sucks because we’ve won all our other games but the one game that we lose happens to be senior night so it’s really unfortunate,” Priest said.

Junior Katie Sullivan said the team wanted to win for the seniors and it was a disappointing loss, but it wasn’t an easy win for STA either. Both players agreed the team fought hard but will be moving forward from their loss and improving on their skills and their health.

“I think if we were all at 100 percent the outcome could have been a little bit different tonight,” Sullivan said.

Pribyl said there are several things the team will be working on for the next game, particularly getting in a better position to shoot. This was the last home game and the girls will continue to play in hopes of winning another state championship. Despite the loss Sullivan said the girls are optimistic about their playing and won’t take the defeat too hard.

“They’re a good team, we’re a good team,” Sullivan said. “It was just a hard fought battle and we did our best.”