Girls soccer defeats Miege in season opener

The defending girls soccer state champions took the field for the first time since last spring and defeated Bishop Miege, 5-0.

Maegan Seepersad

Sarah Hirsch, Online Editor

Despite the low temperatures and pelting rain, the girls soccer team came out hot in their first game of the season against Bishop Miege, winning 5-0. Senior Kara Priest said the team was prepared to deal with the harsh, bitter weather.

“The weather definitely made it a lot less bearable,” Priest said. “But I think that made us want to do well and step up in this weather. And we did.”

Just five minutes into the game, Priest scored, bringing BVNW into the lead 1-0. This was to be her first of four goals, yet no more were scored for the rest of the first half.

Head coach Rick Pribyl said the team picked up during the second half partially due to the weather being on their side.

“We had the wind the second half and that made all the difference,” Pribyl said. “[The players] were all pretty tired, but it made things easier.”

Prib’s assessment proved to be correct, seven minutes into the second half, senior Kala Brundige scored, lengthening the Huskies lead to 2-0.Eight minutes later, Priest scored again, this time with the second goal just a minute and a half after the first. A minute after her last goal, Brundige scored again, bringing BVNW to 5-0.

“I didn’t really think about it; I just did it,” Priest said. “It was really great scoring them back to back. I was happy that we could all just come out here and get closer to a good win like that.”

Pribyl attributed this sudden leap in goals to the team switching out and figuring out how to work together better.

“We refueled and substituted more,” Pribyl said. “Our second string can play pretty well against first string in most other teams.”

Both Priest and Pribyl said they were looking forward to challenging the team and improving throughout the season.

“We need to work on getting more team chemistry and learning how we all play with each other,” Priest said.

Pribyl said the game was great for a season opener, especially in such cold weather. However, he said there was room to move forward.

“We need to dance better,” Pribyl said. “We do some nice teamwork, but we still need to work with movement off the ball and just knowing where the other players are. For the first dozen games, we’re really just trying to figure out where we’re at and what we do well.”