Girls varsity basketball defeated by the Mustangs

The girls varsity basketball team faced another defeat against BVN with a final score, 41-46.

Delaney La Fon, Editor-in-chief

The girls varsity basketball team was defeated once again after their second game against BVN this season. The players were able to stay close to BVN during the first quarter with a score of 6-11, the gap widening by halftime 12-21, then 23-33 at the end of the third quarter, ending with a final score of 41-46.

“We gave up too many shots down the lane, junior Deanna Bugarinovic said. “[BVN] was only shooting layups and two pointers and we could have easily shot more on them.”

Standing on the sidelines, head coach Brian Bubalo said one thing the team has to improve on is there man-to-man defense.

“The girls were really patient tonight with themselves and really put in the mental toughness throughout the game,” Bubalo said. “We weren’t playing very well defensively, but we are getting better. We only lost to [BVN] by five points, when we lost to them in double digits before.”

Although the team did not end the game in victory as they had hoped, both Bugarinovic and Bubalo said they believe that the team has improved since the beginning of the season and have high hopes for their next game against BVW Thursday.

“Our defense just used to be sloppy, and we’ve tightened that up a lot, Bugarinovic said. “We have lost some games but we keep going on and playing our hardest. We just need to get more of our shots in, that’s all.”

Although the team did not win their rivalry against the Mustangs this year, Bugarinovic said the team is motivated to play their best during the remainder of the regular season and post-season play.

“We are pretty confident that we are going to do better than last year in sub-state,” Bugarinovic said. “We have been putting so much effort into our games and improving in so many ways that I think we could do pretty well.”