Boys basketball team defeats BVSW

The boys basketball team improves their record to 10-1 with a win against BVSW tonight.

Sidney Hallak, Reporter

The boys basketball team secured the win against BVSW tonight, with a final score of BVNW 78- 37. The Pound dressed in sleepwear to support the team, but the players were wide awake and in action on the court.

As the whistle blew, Senior David Salach won the tip off and passed it down the court. BVNW was able to score two three-point shots before BVSW scored. Head coach Ed Fritz said the team had a total of nine three-point baskets and played a great game.

“We shot the ball really well the first half, so that was fun,” Fritz said.

The Timberwolves were not the only visitor being welcomed at the Pound tonight. Iowa State head basketball coach Fred Hoiberg came to the game in order to see future Iowa State player, senior Clayton Custer.

“It was really cool having coach Hoiberg here,” Custer said. “He’s seen a lot of games but it was nice to have him at our home court and just to get to see the experience.”

If there was any extra pressure it did not show on the scoreboard. Fritz chose to rotate the players frequently throughout the first half and his strategy paid off. At the end of the first half the score was BVNW 50- 16.

“We were playing well, we had a big lead,” Fritz said. “When we’re playing well, I try to play a lot of people and when we have kids that get fouls we subbed so they don’t foul out of the game.”

As the second half started, both teams kept up the pace. Salach was able to dunk the ball in the third quarter and by the start of the fourth quarter BVNW was leading by 42 points.

“We played really good team defense and got a lot of steals and a lot of layups,” Custer said. “Anytime you can get easy baskets like that it’s a good thing.”

According to KSSHA regulations, when a team is leading by 30 points or more at the start of the fourth quarter there will be a running clock. The fourth quarter ran by with both teams adding a few more points to their scores before finishing. The final score of the game was BVNW 78- 37, and Fritz said it was a good game, but the team can still improve.

“We need to get a little better defensively and we’ve got to rebound a lot better,” Fritz said.

The boys exited the gym amongst loud cheers from the Pound. The next home game will be this Friday, January 31 at 6:30 pm against BVN. Custer said the team will not let their success go to their heads and are ready to prepare for the next game.

“We can always get better playing as a team,” Custer said.