Girl’s basketball faces loss at the hands of BVSW

The girls varsity basketball team lost to BVSW in their home opener of the new season.

Greyson Woerpel, Reporter

In their first home game of the season, the girls varsity basketball team faced a loss at the hands of BVSW with a score of 48-52. Though the team struggled in the first half, falling behind almost 15 points, the girls battled back during the second half but were unable to establish a lead.

Head coach Brian Bubalo and senior Lauren Mertz admit  the team had a slow start to the game offensively and defensively. The team, however, began to make a gradual come back from 15 points behind after the second half. Coach Bubalo said the team is getting better every game but they need to get off to a better start. Mertz said she thinks the reason the team has lost the last two games is because of mental issues and over coming the nerves that begin at the start of every season.

Bubalo said he knows that BVSW’s quickness gave the team trouble. He wants to work on the man to man defense and making shots when the girls are getting bumped and pushed a little bit. Mertz said the team needs to work more on trust. She knows that they have a lot of girls with genuine talent.

“I think we all need to play to our strengths and play to each others strengths better,” Mertz said.

Bubalo said the team is getting better every game, especially in the second half because of the adjustments they make. Mertz said that the team works really hard and no one gives up on the game, which really resembles the team.

“They’re still learning what I want them to do and I’m still learning what they can do,” Bubalo said. “We got to put those two things together.”